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  1. If you have a moment, could you explain me how you manage to get elements selected like in user CP? I looked at your CSS but cannot understant that (I'm a beginner...). Thanks!
  2. Timan, FYI, the sidebar header elements (Settings & options, ...) look even better with a shadow CSS property: text-shadow: white 0px 1px 0px;
  3. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=46879&page=2 I think you must be a Donator to acces it though.
  4. Guys, read the other forums, Timan has been working on it for the past few weeks. Just be patient as it seems to be a pain in the *back*. Looks great however!
  5. Ooh, it looks great! Just a quick reminder: is it going to work with 3.6 versions, too?
  6. I tried to include this Leopard toolbar on the 3.5 skin but didn't manage to do it because the icons show up differently so I didn't really know what files and CSS definitions to change. I think that, for vB 3.6 at least, your Leopard 3.5 version is great!
  7. You can easily change that in ACP>Styles>Aqua Soft>CSS Timan, will there be an easy way to use the new toolbar on this skin? I still have 3.6 with the latest skin but I'd like to change the toolbar to make it look more like Leopard.
  8. Great, I look forward to seeing it!
  9. OK, I'll try to reupload the clientscript folder. I've never used the default theme but I can try, the thing is that "bug" happened twice in a few months so it's not common.
  10. Indeed, I just discovered that it's like my browesr (Safari) suddenly doesn't want to deal with Javascript. However, what's strange is that all my users encoutered the same bug (FF included). But now it's working again and I didn't change anything! So if you have any idea of what is causing this bug... because it happened twice already so it might happen again. Thanks!
  11. OK, I'm getting really confused now... This is the second time that some part of the theme doesn't work anymore or just disappear. We are only two admins, we haven't changed anything since yesterday (the admin log shows no connection to ACP) but this morning I have: - all the anchors like thread tools etc that doesn't work - the quick links and new posts buttons in the navbar that have disappeared. - some dropdown menus I've never seen before... I just checked the templates and they haven't changed. What can I do? Thread tools now go below the discussion New posts and quick links
  12. I checked the vBulletin website and read a few things: There's only one mandatory change, easy to do. A few are non mandatory and like half of theme don't concern Aqua Soft theme. I'l be upgrading in a few hours as it seems to be more like a files upgrade/bugs fixes rather than anything else so it doesn't seem to be difficult to upgrade with themes.
  13. 3.6.9 is released, here are the template changes: http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=265285 Based on this, can we upgrade safely or is it going to mess with the theme? Thanks.
  14. Could you please post your URL (PM if you don't want to share it here) I would like to see how vB 3.7 handles the skin. BTW, do you have BETA 5 or 6? Thanks! Timan, have you already began to work on the skin for 3.7 or are you going to start once it is released as a final version?
  15. No, I mean the actual news page, here: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/news.php
  16. Hey, Is the news page available for download? I'm looking to do the same on my forum: news and some infos on the homepage and forum linked to any news' comments. Thanks.
  17. Tags and other things are nice but those profile things are soooooo MySpace etc. (I say that and I have a facebook profile :-) ) But I admit that this is totally useless for a forum. Anyway, I'll be glad to use your skin on 3.7 when it's final!
  18. That's the old one, not the iPhoto 7/'08 one ;-)
  19. Yup, it isn't included in the pack. Thanks anyway!
  20. Okay, thanks. BTW, I agree that a navigation menu like iTunes ("Home> Forums> Comments & Suggestions> TOPIC" with a background "à la iTunes") could be great!
  21. It's great, thanks! Is the theme for vBulletin already updated? Thanks!
  22. Hello, I'm looking for iPhoto '08 icon in 512x512. I was only able to find 128x128 which looks horrible once I increase the size. Thanks! Anyone?
  23. Use Pic2Icon to convert the icns. Then when you'll CMD+I the ICNFS file it will show the icon to transfer it to another app.
  24. Could any of you send me these 3 files from the WWDC Leopard preview: - System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle - System/Library/CoreServices/Finder - System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Frameworks/HIToolbox.framework/Resources I would like to extract some icons from there... Thanks a bunch!
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