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  1. it works now. i guess my only fault was that i had still xp design except for the browser....so it couldtn look exactly like safari. dumb but i never read that anywhere
  2. it works now. looks great. how do i get finder and those things in the line above next to the apple symbol? my desktop does not look exactly like it should i think.
  3. so now that i found firefox 1.5rc3 i installed it but cannot get the right safari look again. what do i do wrong?? can someone who has a safire look with firefox 1.5 post their user chrome or whatever so that i can compare and find the fault??? i dont know hat i should do
  4. thank you very much dreadnaut!!! ehm so there many versions, which one works with safire??? i had the latest befor 2.0 and it didnt work well.
  5. i want to have a safari browser on windows---read about it...i know the best way is skinning firefox. but as i kicked away my old firefox cause it didnt work yesterday when i tried skinning it i need an old working version again. today i saw that only the new 2.0 version is available which obviously is not compatible with safire or whatever is the ebst firefox safari skin. so which old firefox version is the best to handle with safire? where can i get it?
  6. oh anotehr information: i deleted firefox again and now see that 2.0 version is on which i read is not compatible with any decent sfari theme.....so if you can tell me how i get a good safari look with an olde rfirefox running that would be great....but i would need a link to download an old firefox version also...they seem to have disappeared...all i can find is firefox 2.0
  7. HEllo!! I'm new here and hope someone can help. would be greatly appreciated! My desktop situation: I have a fresh installed windows xp version finally runnin. I would love to make my desktop look like Mac OSX...read about conversions already but am afraid that it maybe too slow...is flyakite 3.5 recommended or are older versions better? if so, where can i get them??? my pc has 1,6ghz btw firefox situation: i tried to make my firefox (the latest version before 2.0) look like a safari browser. it didnt work for some reason. I tried several themes, among them safire...which looked like the bes
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