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  1. Try not to act too tough around here people might get scared away
  2. I was thinking the same thing about your shot
  3. Exactly and it doesn't do anything different than a Hundai
  4. I accidentally the whole thread
  5. I think the SWAT transmit mod is NFR.. could be wrong though
  6. Damn, that was the last thing I needed to see when I woke up this morning.
  7. http://www.box.net/shared/yd0o5r0g00 All credits to the original author
  8. Wow thats awesome, very smooth
  9. CubanPete


    http://hermik.deviantart.com/art/faster-th...xtended-6062208 Best I could help you with...
  10. Wow I have been here far too long... http://www.box.net/shared/qrnbx3t0ko
  11. Vista has me sold, will never go back to xp Although I am going to install a hacked version of leopard on my PC later just too see if i can do it.
  12. ok.... now show us what your current setup looks like....
  13. hmmm not quite what he is looking for but this might help
  14. the TV is a mod of Jonas's, thats all I can help you with there
  15. Make the April desktop thread already...
  16. I am getting a 404 error message, I was just able to read the boards 10 minutes ago too...
  17. Thats from the Lutetium drive icon set, the newest one... I think
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