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  1. Try not to act too tough around here people might get scared away
  2. I was thinking the same thing about your shot
  3. Exactly and it doesn't do anything different than a Hundai
  4. I accidentally the whole thread
  5. I think the SWAT transmit mod is NFR.. could be wrong though
  6. Damn, that was the last thing I needed to see when I woke up this morning.
  7. http://www.box.net/shared/yd0o5r0g00 All credits to the original author
  8. Wow thats awesome, very smooth
  9. CubanPete


    http://hermik.deviantart.com/art/faster-th...xtended-6062208 Best I could help you with...
  10. Wow I have been here far too long... http://www.box.net/shared/qrnbx3t0ko
  11. Vista has me sold, will never go back to xp Although I am going to install a hacked version of leopard on my PC later just too see if i can do it.
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