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  1. Hm, the demosite for the phpBB3 Version of the Aqua-Soft Skin gives me a 404 Error. Anything going on in the Development for phpBB3? *Waiting for it before updating my Site to phpBB3 and perhaps for a Drupal 6 Version before also updating from Drupa 5 to 6*
  2. Anything like a releasedate in sight for the phpbb3 Skin?
  3. Is a releasedate for the phpBB 3 Skin in sight? I'm waiting for this skin in order to update my site from phpBB 2 to phpBB 3 since phpBB 3 final version is released :-)
  4. Unlucky, but a lot of these windows-users still use this rotten browser without standardcompatibilty named InternetExplo[d|r]er 6..so it would be not such a good idea to skip it. Even regardless that i as a pure opensource systemuser would prefer skipping it, too, the standardusers will probably cry if they don't see the right layout i guess*g*... Hope the phpBB 3 Theme will quickly be available without overheating Tiamans brain due to the ie6 compliance problems Kindly regards, Tom
  5. ..so how much estimated time would it take to update the phpBB Aqua-Soft Skin to this release? Link to the Releaseannouncement: http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=615945 Regards, Tom
  6. Copy the missed File(s) from the SubSilver templatedirectory to the equivalent AquaSoft Templatefolder, this workaround fixed some simmilar Probs for me..;-) I also mentioned that EasyMod isn't really compatible with the AquaSoft Templates, but it's not a real prob to include different Mods for phpBB by hand. Just compare the changes in subsilver to the original subsilver and to the aquasoft templates and you'll see where to put additional Code. Cya, Tom
  7. At http://www.mosnis.dyndns.org you can see Aqua-Soft Theme in Drupal and in the also running phpBB which authenticates against drupal (and, if one day the theme will be available for mediawiki, squirrelmail and general HTML , also in the Wiki there which also authenticates against drupal, the webmailer Squirrelmail and even CGI::IRC *g*) ... Is the theme used here in the Aquasoft-Wiki available as standalone Theme or is it depending on the vBulletin Wikiintegration? Cya, Tom
  8. This would be quite a good idea :cool: Any plans about the next releasedate avaiable? cya, Tom
  9. And just another Aqua-Soft Forumnewbie here from Germany I found the Way to this Forum with the Aqua-Soft skinadaption for Drupal when i searched a similar Skin for my phpBB ..and thats my reason for stumblin' in here Have a nice Day, Tom
  10. Hi! I'm just searching for the Aqua-Soft skin in a usable form for a MediaWiki and a Squirrelmail webmailer installation. Has anyone already adopted the Skin for these webapplications or is working on such a fork? Or ould i have to work it out by myself?*g*(Ok,ok, sounds like i'm lazy, but i'm just not really a Webdesigner but more a normal Networker focused on Networkadministration/-organisation/-planing and Networkhardware, so it would be a long time-eating job for me to do it by myself*g*) Thanks for a possible reply, Tom
  11. Just have a look inside the css-files bottom, there are difeerent examples for the "li#" IDs for the li-Tags inside your Drupal "Primary Links"-Menu-structure wich are used to identify the single Links in your Menu based on the name you gave this individua Link. Just replace the eventually used spaces in the menupoints names with an underscore and the image you demanded in this li# section of your css-file will be used. Example: li#MosNis_Forum a{ display: block; background: url(images/icons/MosNis-Forum2.png) no-repeat top center; margin: 6px; } Result will be viewable at http://www.mosni
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