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  1. just to recap, there are currently two serious bugs stopping us (that's me and people i manage) using winexpose 1) occasional hanging on activation. happens for all users on all pcs (not sure if this is a regression/when this started). probably related to a particular app we use; without more log info can't tell sorry. 2) always shows an Access Violation on switching users (this is a recent regression) really hoping these can be fixed so i can enable winexpose again - i believe it's an "essential app"
  2. in the current version: WinExpose-2006-11-10-b there is an access violation when switching users. (and sometimes garbage on screen at same time.) non-fatal. not related to admin/limited user did not happen in prev. builds afaik. does not happen on lock/unlock from same user account! end of my log looks like: [12-11-06 16:47:37] d3d.CreateDevice (TnLHALDevice) succeeded [12-11-06 16:47:37] -->> EnumTextureFormatsProc() [12-11-06 16:47:37] ddpf.dwRGBBitCount=32 [12-11-06 16:47:37] ddpf.dwRBitMask=0x00FF0000 [12-11-06 16:47:37] ddpf.dwGBitMask=0x0000FF00 [12-11-06 16:47:37] ddpf.dwBBitMask=0x000000FF [12-11-06 16:47:37] ddpf.dwRGBAlphaBitMask=0xFF000000 [12-11-06 16:47:37] --<< EnumTextureFormatsProc() [12-11-06 16:47:37] EnumTextureFormatsProc(): Perfect match! [12-11-06 16:47:37] <- ExposeWindows () [12-11-06 16:47:37] -> SelectWindow () [12-11-06 16:47:37] <- SelectWindow () [12-11-06 16:47:37] Trying d3d.CreateDevice (TnLHALDevice)... [12-11-06 16:47:37] d3d.CreateDevice (TnLHALDevice) succeeded [12-11-06 16:47:37] -->> EnumTextureFormatsProc() [12-11-06 16:47:37] ddpf.dwRGBBitCount=32 [12-11-06 16:47:37] ddpf.dwRBitMask=0x00FF0000 [12-11-06 16:47:37] ddpf.dwGBitMask=0x0000FF00 [12-11-06 16:47:37] ddpf.dwBBitMask=0x000000FF [12-11-06 16:47:37] ddpf.dwRGBAlphaBitMask=0xFF000000 [12-11-06 16:47:37] --<< EnumTextureFormatsProc() [12-11-06 16:47:37] EnumTextureFormatsProc(): Perfect match! [12-11-06 16:52:00] Received WM_DISPLAYCHANGE [12-11-06 16:57:15] Received WM_DISPLAYCHANGE (Access Violation, then carries on running) i have a request which is fairly trivial but while i remember: could you please make winexpose not show in the list of running programs (task manager, 1st tab) so it doesn't count either on windows welcome screen or for things like task switching apps. thanks
  3. there are no specific problems with non-admin accounts (afaik, tested quite a bit). edit: i allow write access to the .ini file just to prevent an error on saving settings, but is not necessary. really you should not be writing to the app dir, use %AppData% instead?
  4. hey matonga good to see you back. i'm still getting hanging on the 2nd: SelectWindow () [10-11-06 23:08:31] -----> LoadWallpaper () [10-11-06 23:08:31] <----- LoadWallpaper () [10-11-06 23:08:31] -----> GetWallpaperDisposition () [10-11-06 23:08:31] <----- GetWallpaperDisposition () [10-11-06 23:08:31] <--- UpdateWallpaperTexture () [10-11-06 23:08:31] Trying d3d.CreateDevice (TnLHALDevice)... [10-11-06 23:08:31] d3d.CreateDevice (TnLHALDevice) succeeded [10-11-06 23:08:31] -->> EnumTextureFormatsProc() [10-11-06 23:08:31] ddpf.dwRGBBitCount=32 [10-11-06 23:08:31] ddpf.dwRBitMask=0x00FF0000 [10-11-06 23:08:31] ddpf.dwGBitMask=0x0000FF00 [10-11-06 23:08:31] ddpf.dwBBitMask=0x000000FF [10-11-06 23:08:31] ddpf.dwRGBAlphaBitMask=0xFF000000 [10-11-06 23:08:31] --<< EnumTextureFormatsProc() [10-11-06 23:08:31] EnumTextureFormatsProc(): Perfect match! [10-11-06 23:08:31] <- ExposeWindows () [10-11-06 23:08:31] -> SelectWindow () [10-11-06 23:08:31] <- SelectWindow () (hang) any chance of more info to the log please so we can track this down i hope? the other thing i was going to ask, is can you please skip a window if takes too long to capture? these two things may be related, i don't know
  5. ok the hanging can happen however its activated. just to clear that up. anyone else? this hanging will basically stop me using using winexpose, as it happens approx 1 in 10 times and is enough to make it inconvenient. no word on which window (if its a specific window) its hanging on, sorry.
  6. i'm having problems with winexpose hanging on activation, leaving all of screen except taskbar hung. can't see cause yet, but this is with activation along top edge of screen and hitting it accidentally. (weirdly, it doesn't seem to happen when i deliberately activate!?) not sure i have a lot of windows and apps open, is probably related, not sure how to track down. here is the end of my log, if it helps: [03-11-06 23:39:40] ---> ScreenshotWindow () [03-11-06 23:39:40] <--- ScreenshotWindow () [03-11-06 23:39:40] ---> ScreenshotWindow () [03-11-06 23:39:40] <--- ScreenshotWindow () [03-11-06 23:39:40] ---> ScreenshotWindow () [03-11-06 23:39:40] <--- ScreenshotWindow () [03-11-06 23:39:40] ---> UpdateWallpaperTexture () [03-11-06 23:39:40] -----> LoadWallpaper () [03-11-06 23:39:40] <----- LoadWallpaper () [03-11-06 23:39:40] -----> GetWallpaperDisposition () [03-11-06 23:39:40] <----- GetWallpaperDisposition () [03-11-06 23:39:40] <--- UpdateWallpaperTexture () [03-11-06 23:39:40] <- ExposeWindows () [03-11-06 23:39:40] -> SelectWindow () [03-11-06 23:39:40] <- SelectWindow () this happens over and over again. perhaps if you added to the log which window it was selecting, we could track this one down? thanks edit: this seen on several computers aswell edit2: can someone please humour me and set their activation to the top edge.. see if you get this too please? i can't replicate it in the bottom corner.
  7. OOo does sometimes sorta of render - i think it may just be that its slow to draw in the content of the window - you can see this delay yourself sometimes, WinExpose is probably sensitive to this
  8. ooooh i didn't realise there was a deliberate delay after activation... can we have an option to remove that please? imho the default location of bottom-right is well chosen as somewhere you never need to push the mouse into, as long as you have the windows taskbar setup that 99% of users do.
  9. anyone else with OpenOffice notice those windows don't get drawn at all - they come out black! probably something OO.o is doing weird, not WinExpose? imho the #1 thing now is to make the response time from moving the mouse into the corner to exposing as short as possible. exactly how best to do that, i'm not sure though edit: well, i have one suggestion. have an option for if one app is responding too slow (i.e. dreamweaver!), skip it, or use a placeholder/cached image? some threshold like 100ms or something?
  10. yeeehaw! well, i get back, and you have indeed apparently fixed the crash-on-lock bug. superb. now i can start bombarding you with more trivial requests seriously great work.
  11. matonga, hurrah. it's weird that all my machines show the crash and you had trouble finding one? i still think this is windows config related, since i set all mine up roughly the same way. silently crashing was one was one of the ways i've seen it crash, though usually it throws a ton of errors. i'll be away for a week now so perhaps just perhaps now there might be a fixed build when i get back i can hope you get time, cos this app is otherwise 101% awesome to me. do you have a paypal address i can donate a few dollars and if this works well i will. Kaishi, i know, if you read my posts you'd see im doing everything i can to help him help me
  12. it's not clear (my machines never standby, i will try this later), but i assume the standby bug is the same as the lock/unlock bug. i'm not clear how this stuff works, but it appears winexpose crashes whenever it loses the desktop or the user session disconnects? can anyone here get through a lock or standby without it crashing - is this system dependent or usage dependent?
  13. using Oct21 build, on this machine (K7, GF6600LE, 1440x900) (not the same one i was testing on last night) 1st error: -------------------------------- A Win32 API function failed. -------------------------------- Then dozens of these: -------------------------------- Win32 Error. Code: 6. The handle is invalid -------------------------------- Note: the Oct19 also shows these same errors on this machine - i got Error 5 on the other PC, Error 6 on this. why?! ive no idea. this must be useful in some way? when i try today, the error, on either PC and either version, does not always seem to be fatal - often the app is still running, i can lock the workstation again and repeat the same errors over and over. the error log i don't think is useful? [21-10-06 10:18:32] Log started [21-10-06 10:18:32] InitDXEngine () ... [21-10-06 10:18:32] Trying dd.CreateSurface (ddsbackbuffer)... [21-10-06 10:18:32] dd.CreateSurface (ddsbackbuffer) succeeded [21-10-06 10:18:32] Trying d3d.CreateDevice (TnLHALDevice)... [21-10-06 10:18:41] d3d.CreateDevice (TnLHALDevice) succeeded [21-10-06 10:18:41] -->> EnumTextureFormatsProc() [21-10-06 10:18:41] ddpf.dwRGBBitCount=32 [21-10-06 10:18:41] ddpf.dwRBitMask=0x00FF0000 [21-10-06 10:18:41] ddpf.dwGBitMask=0x0000FF00 [21-10-06 10:18:41] ddpf.dwBBitMask=0x000000FF [21-10-06 10:18:41] ddpf.dwRGBAlphaBitMask=0xFF000000 [21-10-06 10:18:41] --<< EnumTextureFormatsProc() [21-10-06 10:18:41] EnumTextureFormatsProc(): Perfect match! [21-10-06 10:18:41] InitDXEngine () -> OK [21-10-06 10:18:41] -> Device can retrieve textures from nonlocal video (AGP) memory. [21-10-06 10:18:41] -> Device can retrieve textures from device memory. [21-10-06 10:18:41] -> Bilinear filtering. [21-10-06 10:18:41] -> Device render bit depth: 1280 [21-10-06 10:18:41] -> Minimum texture width: 1 [21-10-06 10:18:41] -> Minimum texture height: 1 [21-10-06 10:18:41] -> Maximum texture width: 4096 [21-10-06 10:18:41] -> Maximum texture height: 4096 [21-10-06 10:18:41] -> Maximum texture aspect ratio: 4096 that's it, the log just ends there (this is just start app, lock/unlock, read log). if i don't crash it, it carries on logging happily. so i guess it's not crashing where you expected it to? edit: just confirming, i still get error 5 (Access Denied) on the other PC, so Oct21 and Oct19 builds do behave the same. here is log from Error 5 machine: [21-10-06 10:31:30] Log started [21-10-06 10:31:30] InitDXEngine () ... [21-10-06 10:31:30] Trying dd.CreateSurface (ddsbackbuffer)... [21-10-06 10:31:30] dd.CreateSurface (ddsbackbuffer) succeeded [21-10-06 10:31:30] Trying d3d.CreateDevice (TnLHALDevice)... [21-10-06 10:31:47] d3d.CreateDevice (TnLHALDevice) succeeded [21-10-06 10:31:47] -->> EnumTextureFormatsProc() [21-10-06 10:31:47] ddpf.dwRGBBitCount=32 [21-10-06 10:31:47] ddpf.dwRBitMask=0x00FF0000 [21-10-06 10:31:47] ddpf.dwGBitMask=0x0000FF00 [21-10-06 10:31:47] ddpf.dwBBitMask=0x000000FF [21-10-06 10:31:47] ddpf.dwRGBAlphaBitMask=0xFF000000 [21-10-06 10:31:47] --<< EnumTextureFormatsProc() [21-10-06 10:31:47] EnumTextureFormatsProc(): Perfect match! [21-10-06 10:31:47] InitDXEngine () -> OK [21-10-06 10:31:47] -> Device can retrieve textures from nonlocal video (AGP) memory. [21-10-06 10:31:47] -> Device can retrieve textures from device memory. [21-10-06 10:31:47] -> Bilinear filtering. [21-10-06 10:31:47] -> Device render bit depth: 1280 [21-10-06 10:31:47] -> Minimum texture width: 1 [21-10-06 10:31:47] -> Minimum texture height: 1 [21-10-06 10:31:47] -> Maximum texture width: 4096 [21-10-06 10:31:47] -> Maximum texture height: 4096 [21-10-06 10:31:47] -> Maximum texture aspect ratio: 4096 looks same, also not useful? :/ i will try to guess what's different in our windows configuration, but this could be difficult. things i have tried and ruled out: - using the default/custom xp logon screen - changing colour depth - closing down all extra apps to check for some conflict - cleartype (heh, getting desperate here) i'm open to suggestions, i really want this thing to work! perhaps its a video driver thing, do you have a non-nvidia graphics card? i don't unfortunately. edit2: to summarise sometimes i get the errors and app crashes sometimes i get the errors and app doesn't crash sometimes i get no errors and the app silently crashes. it never goes through a lock/unlock ok. similar problem (varying msgs) on 3 systems with varying hardware, all running XP and mostly same software.
  14. hello, glad to find this thread. fantastic app. with (for me) one showstopper bug, probably same as standby issue reported above. every time i lock workstation, app crashes*. to recreate: (enable both fast user switching and welcome screen if not already enabled, i haven't tried tried without them). 1) start app 2) press Winkey+L to lock workstation 3) log back on to your user account. errors as described below. *the crash could be happening on unlock or lock - i can't tell since desktop not visible in between! same behaviour on all 3 PCs here (all XPsp2, athlon K7 or K8, nvidia GF3 to GF6) happens with all configuration options. same error whether running as Admin or limited user. have tried older and newer versions, also same. exact error is: ---------------------------- Win32 Error. Code: 5. Access is denied. ---------------------------- by clicking through them, i can see the first error msg was: ---------------------------- Win32 error. Code: 2 The system cannot find the file specified ---------------------------- The 2nd error msg is: ---------------------------- Win32 Error. Code: -214702378. Element not found. ---------------------------- From then on, the errors appear to be identical to the first one i posted above: ---------------------------- Win32 Error. Code: 5. Access is denied. ---------------------------- this one repeats many times, best to use task manager to force close process. sometimes, the crashes look slightly different: -214702378 is the first and second error, then code 5 repeats. or sometimes, the first error may be 5, then -214702378. -214702378 always seems to be in the first or 2nd error. there are approx 20-30 ? (haven't counted exactly) dialog boxes generated total per crash. this about all the info i can think of, if you need more please ask. this basically means the app must currently be restarted by hand every time users switch or after coming back to system, which is quite impractical. I hope i can work with you to fix this because otherwise this app seems almost perfect already (i only discovered it two days ago). thank you!
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