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  1. Oh and this also supports some AdiumX message styles =]
  2. I see what you mean... but it isn't up to me =P lol maybe post on the site or something
  3. No, it is not currently open source, and I am pretty sure they have no plan for this. They are however working on making OS X and Linux compatible versions for this.
  4. I haven't had any memory usage issues... but I also have 3Gb of RAM =P so I'm not really sure. I'm sure somebody has information on this. Also if you want a specific type of skin e-mail me with what you would like it to look like and I will try my best.
  5. If you put the new icons and stuff in the folder with yout custom skin, the update shouldn't delete them.
  6. I stumbled across a really nice IM client called Digsby! I didn't see any other posts on here about it so it hought I'd write one =] Digsby is a Windows IM Client (coming to linux and OS X soon!) It supports a lot of clients like : -AIM -MSN -Yahoo! -ICQ -GoogleTalk -Jabber -E-Mail -Myspace Alerts -Facebook Alerts -Twitter Alerts More clients are also in development and coming in the future hopefully like: -XFire -Skype -and more! The application is very customizable. The contact list, and messaging box can both be skinned and they have themes ver
  7. links? and i have skin studio...i dont like it
  8. hi me and my friend were thinking of developing a Windows Media PLayer skin and a WnidowBlinds skin and were wondering what software we should use...
  9. how do u appl the psd file so it shows up in Miranda? nvm about that question..lol but you should definately develop a window blinds skin like that!
  10. -Miranda IM Muku IEView theme -First Release -Requires Latest IEView and IE 6 (NOT 7!!!)
  11. I have a theme that i think truly emulates Tigers it even changes the "finder " text depeding on what app ur in ...i dont know the link but i have the file if u want it PM me with ur email and ill attach it and send u it...
  12. if u want to use Safire on 2.0 just download the Nightly Extension...
  13. when is the update gonna come out for the new itunes 7.2?
  14. oh and OSX-e has an articl on firefox to Safari http://www.osx-e.com/articles/a_safarifox_guide.html
  15. or u could download Nightly http://users.blueprintit.co.uk/~dave/web/firefox/nightly just when u install the plugin ichoose to install it with Nightly
  16. You can install this plugin http://users.blueprintit.co.uk/~dave/web/firefox/nightly install it and when u download the SaFire skin just choose to install it with Nightly and it will work....nightly allows u to install plugins and skins of previous versions on newer version of Firefox if u need any help just IM me XxSpyderFenixX
  17. No the message window isnt changed when u skin the contact window....
  18. ok i recently skinned my Miranda IM to look like AdiumX and am now trying to get the message window to look like it too...i skinned the window with TabSRMM but i cannot see the conversation unless i look at the log....can anyone PLZ help me and tell me what is rong and how to fix it thx in advance
  19. I recently installed an Adium skin on Miranda and want to install the iChat bubbles in the convo box. when i download and use the plugin TabSRMM i can type t people, but i cant see what the send me or what i send them....and the bubbles donnot appear...any suggestions?
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