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  1. Matias: I've been working on a version of my icons with a white border for you. I haven't quite finished them as I've been really busy with other things, but I'll try to get them up this week. I wanted to ask you, do you think it would be possible to implement something to prevent WinExpose from activating whenever something Fullscreen was up ? Bumping a corner is a nightmare when in a game. Maybe using an OpenGL / D3D detection engine ? This wouldn't help for fullscreen DVD or video playback but then, I suppose the user shouldn't be hitting keys on their keyboard or moving their mouse if
  2. Thanks for all the translating work, guys. I'm really pleased to see the app coming together so nicely.
  3. Matias: I can make you versions of that logo at *any* resolution you want with the alpha perfected. Just lemme know what versions you want and I'll create them. EDIT: Okay, I made versions of the Logo at 128, 64, 48, 32, 24, and 16 squared. For the 24 and 16 versions, I removed the Drop Shadow. I also realized that at such small sizes, making the icon a solid color might be easier, so I created pure black versions at 24 and 16. I may go back and do a white outline around the black just to make it stand out a little more but I was trying to keep it easy for you. I've attached a .ZIP of a
  4. I noticed that the site is down too. I have a copy of the most recent release but I don't have any hosting. Everything okay, Matias ? We haven't heard from you in a while.
  5. Interestingly, TaskSwitchXP also cannot capture or render anything regarding OpenOffice, so I am willing to assume this problem isn't one that Matias can really try to work around. Matias, have you considered an exclusion system similar to that of which is implemented by TaskSwitchXP ? It uses a system to ignore an app from previews (and instead displays only the systemtray icon for the app), or to alternatively ignore the app entirely. I think this might end up being a simple way to work around apps that cannot create previews but still should show up on the WinExpose screen.
  6. On the OpenOffice issue, I know that Azureus uses the SWT graphical library for Java, and it renders just fine in WinExpose, yet OpenOffice doesn't. In this way, we can rule out SWT (and probably java, honestly). I'm going to check it against a few other Java apps I have to see if maybe there is something I'm overlooking.
  7. Matias: sorry for being away for a few days, didn't have 'net access this weekend. I'm back now though. Of course you can use my icons. I'll gladly create versions at any size you like. The PNGs I posted do have Alpha data already but I can convert them into any other format you like or make a version that won't need alpha either. Whatever works best for you. If you want to contact me directly, IM me ! AIM: pandages, YIM: dj_kaishi, jabber: kaishi.axon(at)gmail.com EDIT: I've experienced the same OpenOffice bug too, always comes up as a pure black window. Gaim does the same thing but G
  8. Guys, please do read the thread before making feature requests ! Matias has posted several times saying what he is and isn't able to implement. The same To-Do list is on his website. C'mon, use your eyes a little before asking things. Because of the way the WinExpose's engine is coded currently, a "hide all windows" aka "show desktop" mode is not going to be possible. Period. Matias has tried to implement a "show all windows from this app" system but it isn't reliable currently. It is, however, on the to-do list, so it'll probably happen. Hovering window titles over the exposed windows
  9. Matias: did you see my artwork I did on the previous page ? I was curious what you thought of it, if you liked it or not.
  10. Matias has said he's going to make all the transparency levels variable via options soon, he's working on it. I agree though.
  11. My Mockup for the Corner Configuration. If you like it, or have some thoughts, I'm willing to make that into something you could use in your app.
  12. Matias: Logo Variant 1 Logo Variant 2 This is my idea for the logo. I have an ultra-high-resolution version of this, and I'm still tweaking the logo a bit, but I wanted to show this to you in the current state.
  13. Not to try to Resurrect a dead thread (thread-necromancy), but, there has been a new release of Snarl, and the changes are pretty huge. Snarl R1.6 (beta) - This is a Beta. It's therefore not fully tested and parts may be incomplete - It uses a new release of our 'melon' toolkit. This will be installed during the Snarl installation (you'll be prompted), however testing has shown sometimes problems occur with the melon installation (let me know if this happens to you) - You will need adminstrator rights to install Snarl but not to run it (let me know if this is not the case) - The SnarlClock an
  14. Matias: no crashes here either upon a lock. Great job on that one !
  15. Smiff: WinExpose crash related to logging off and/or going into Standby is a known issue currently, Matias has said he's working on fixing that. To help him, you can post your WinExpose Log file right after a crash (just copy the contents and paste into the thread). alchemist612: to use the exclusion list, go into the app's settings, and add either: 1) the Title Text of the window you want to exclude, 2) the name of the executable (winamp.exe, swriter.exe, etc.), or 3) a partial name including a wildcard (*) (Winamp *, Gaim *). Anything added to the list will not be shown on the Expose list
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