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  1. @Mikekey Just a few thoughts about your post. I haven't tried wmp10 so can't comment, but have used iTunes extensively on both PC and Mac, but have moved on to foobar on the PC. Firstly, although I am not in possession of wonderfully discerning hearing, it is easy to make mp3s that sound so much better even to my middle-aged ears and on my fairly modest equipment than you could ever make on iTunes. Don't know about wmp10, but I suspect it might well be the same. I know this is to some degree subjective but it has worked for a lot of people. Secondly, I think foobar would do exactly what you
  2. Am I missing something here? I don't understand Seph's reply at all. The links are nothing like the mountain wallpaper. Also to say I would love to have this wallpaper too, if anyone can find it! Thanks Tourmalet
  3. Not sure whether you are asking me the question, nor that I completely understand it. If you buy an iBook today, latest spec, it will not be able to run Tiger, when it comes out, fully. Some of the macboards suggest that you will lose some of the transitions and fancy effects that will come with Tiger. There also seems to be some doubt as to whether some of the filters that can be used with Coreimage will work at all. This may not be a big issue for you. I don't know. For me, it's not overly inmportant, but I would still like a new Mac by the time Tiger hits the shelves. (No chance, unfortun
  4. I too have a 12" iBook. Have had it for more than a year and have never been so pleased with any other computer I've had. Personally, I find the screen size not to be a problem at all. I do hook it up to my 17" monitor from time to time and that is great too. My comment about the screen of the iBook is that it could be a bit brighter. I would recommend anyone who would like a Mac laptop to get an iBook. But the advice about Tiger, given earlier, is good. Present iBooks will not be able to take full advantage of the capabilities of Tiger, because of their graphics card. This is definitely wort
  5. Just to say that the new version with the pop-up box fixes the startup problem for me. it works quickly like any other app now. After a quick play it seems brilliant. Thanks Tourmalet
  6. Yes, I'm afraid I have the startup /crash everything slows to a crawl problem too. It happens everytime I try to run the program. I have never tried a previous version of the program before. Unistall, registry clean, reinstall has not helped Athlon 2500+ / 512 MB Ram / XP pro SP1 Tourmalet
  7. Yes, I archive everything to Flac these days, which is one of the reasons I use Foobar to play all my music. itunes doesn't support flac. You can also play it through winamp. The best solution I have found for ripping is to use Cdex and Flac frontend. Haven't got links immediately available. Just google "flac" and "cdex" and you will find them easily enough. Install both and then configure Cdex to work with external encoder (through "options" ) and point it to the fllac encoder in the Flac directory on your harddisk This means you can easily use internet lookup for track names etc and all yo
  8. Yes, if you are able to send this theme I would love to have it too. [email protected] Thanks anyway. Tourmalet
  9. What you are looking for is called foo_tunes. It is a foobar plugin. I'm sorry but I can't find a specific link for it but if you go to Hydrogen Audio and have a look in their foobar forums, you will find lots of info about it there. Good luck. I don't use it as i like to keep everything in Foobar in my Playlists, but others swear by it Tourmalet
  10. I can send you the tiffs from synergy, or convert them to pngs if that would help. No problem there. Do you want to let me know how to get them to you? They come to 200 kb so probably e mail would be a possibility. I have nowhere to host them. If i can help please let me know. Tourmalet
  11. I would like to add my very best birthday wishes too and to thank you for all you have given to the rest of us and the help you have so kindly given to me. have a wonderful birthday. Frank (Tourmalet)
  12. let me add a few programs that I really like to use on my Mac, which have not been mentioned so far (I think): 1. MenuMeters - gives you various Stats in the menubar 2. MoonDock - er ... puts the moon phases in the dock 3. Vanity Dockling - puts your uptime in the dock 4. WeatherMenu - puts weather conditions in the menubar (works better for me than WeatherPop Advance, although the icons aren't as nice) 5. WClock - allows you to customise the menubar clock 6. Steam - gives you schedule information on BBC radio and one click lets you listen to any BBC radio station 7. RagTime Solo - Commercial
  13. I've got it in 1418 x 883. Weird, i know. Not sure why it is like this. Still, if it's any good to you - or anyone else - I'm happy to E Mail it. Tourmalet
  14. No, doesn't fade for me either. Also, there doesn't seem to be an option to stretch the wallpaper to fill the screen Otherwise this seems like a really good program. Tourmalet
  15. tourmalet


    Hi Parkaboy Welcome to the board. This looks absolutely wonderful. AndreasV did say he would try to make this for ObjectDock, but he has been rather busy recently with his marvellous AveDesk I'm not able to get to my PC until later, (stuck on my Mac - how terrible ) so cannot try it at the moment. Once again thanks for your work and hope you enjoy AquaSoft. Tourmalet
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