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  1. its pretty simple. all you have to do is download movies off of limewire or another p2p service. then search for a video to mp4 converter so they can be played on your iPod. P.S. for the best quality movies, download them in windows media player formats (.avi, .mpg) and the convert them to mp4. i use jodix (jodix.com) because you can choose the quality of the video and audio... peace//
  2. no...to complicated. i need something simple like findeXer but more customizable...i dont find that findeXer is very Mac like...
  3. is there another explorer replacement besides findeXer thats more customizable? n' yea i looked around osx e but found nothing...
  4. no. it doesnt do anything...and its rly annoying.
  5. can someone unpack these .dmg files for me and the icons inside thx in advance... http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/icon...rs/simples.html i would do it myself, but i dont understand this whole dmg2iso thingy and yes i did search. if theres a .sit or .bin file in there dont worry about it... peace
  6. nope...still have the same problem...
  7. im not paying for a program that changes icons. i already have 2 apps that do that. and i was using IconTweaker, but all of a sudden when i open it up, all that comes up is the window, and its blank. and plus, i didnt/dont have a plugin to edit control panel icons...
  8. hey guys, just i started up iTunes but my avetunes didn't come up. so i went to my avedesk directory to click on it, but when i do, it askes me which app i want to open it with. so i obviously go to avedesk.exe, but when i select avedesk.exe, nothing happens. whats the problem??? edit: i just found out thats it not just avetunes, but every .aveinst file...
  9. to those who say that mac can't be effected, check this out: http://images.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http...ficial%26sa%3DN i'm not expert but...
  10. my norton anti virus comes up saying that it's a high risk malicious code. it says my comp is halted. what does that mean?
  11. well im new to this whole thing so cut me some frigin slack
  12. yea thats rly smart. look for them myself. how the hell am i supposed to find something when i have no idea what im searching for... This comment resulted in a one day suspension. - gnomexp
  13. thx man. no where i could find the rest
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