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  1. Well i guess a Delorean is good enough for me to come back from obscurity good Job
  2. @CubanPete Thats just wrong man... just wrong
  3. yeah whats up with that??? anyways.. thanks for the links.. more Jessica alba resources
  4. I use to do that with windowfx a while ago, you can limit the maximized size of windows... its shareware stardock product...
  5. I will add like a 2 px gaussian blur to the borders of the tree for a more mystic look, nevertheless its a great wallpaper
  6. OMG I wish i've never read that
  7. Mine got so messed up after i did it that it forced me to do a full restore... although i think it has something to do with vista.. dman vista
  8. Probably you have a hardaware problem on bay 3, theres software our there that will check that for you... But yeah i wouldn't build the raid either if I wasn't sure about it
  9. check the new ipods at apple I can't believe the new shuffle is that small wow
  10. YEY got a imac 20'.. although now i need a refund cuz mac just released the new ones and the 20' has 1 gig of ram by default
  11. not my style, but amazin work nonetheless
  12. yeah i agree with NC it has to be something included on your initial configuration, chek for prograsm like set point, or anything that has the brand of your computer on it
  13. good stuff, downloading it now
  14. Click on image for deviantart link
  15. WOW :cool: Thats visually impacting!!
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