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  1. I believe that this is the final version now? The bta wor has gone but am i dreaming or was there a magnification feature in the beta i downloaded some tme back which did not function but would have in the final version. Is this feature missing in the version available or was it just never there. f it is where is it?
  2. I more thing - just what does 'monitoring' do? I do not think it shows files that are added to the folder that is atacked in real time does it - because if so it does not work for me as i have to exit the program and restart it to reflect changes in the contents of my stacked folders. Will someone explain please??
  3. I have every reason to believe that it is the file extension that is causing the problem. Yes i did change the doc extension to dot (template file for MS word) but the error message appeared again just like it did when i opened the doc file in list mode. Thanks BTW - How do you uninstall this ? Do i just get rid of the folder and all its contents?
  4. AndrewYY: Thanks for the quick reply This is the bug report i saved The exception i got is elisterror "list index out of bounds" date/time : 2009-06-30, 18:02:26, 414ms computer name : SANJITKESKAR-PC user name : Sanjit Keskar <admin> registered owner : Sanjit Keskar / PERSONAL operating system : Windows Vista Service Pack 2 build 6002 system language : English system up time : 2 minutes 51 seconds program up time : 14 seconds processors : 2x IntelĀ® Core2 Duo CPU P7350 @ 2.00GHz physical memory : 2221/3066 MB (free/total) free disk space : (C:
  5. I have had my desktop stacked into an icon and shown as a list. Hoever doc and docx files opens but with an error. Is there a workaround? This does not happen when i open the same docx or doc file in stack using grid or fan or gallery view and niether does it happen when i open ppt/pptx or xls/xlsx (ms office 12 file formats) from the list view.
  6. thewer when will your revamped version be ready for release?
  7. Thanks for considering verticl docks for Morphdock Rotating the dock somehow does not produce the same effect
  8. Hi thewer How about releasing some vertical docks for morphdock. I tried reversing some of the dimensions of the horizontal docks but it never worked out
  9. This poll was started on 21-6-07 What's the outcome What decisions are being taken in this regard Would development and support continue with a vista compatible, bug free Avedesk 2.0 ? PCM - could you please make a statement on this seemingly yet unsettled issue? (assuming you're in charge)
  10. perfection


    very polished more organised good aesthetics good start pcm
  11. thewer - is there anyway i can use some of your skins say aqua vertically without disturbing other elements of morphdock?
  12. This posy is regarding help needed about Styler's feature to right align the desktop icons I have three columns of desktop icons aligned to the left (normal). I thought i'd use Styler (latest version) and check out how they looked aligned to the right but surprisingly only one column of icons displays to the extreme right of the desktop and i loose view of the other two columns and cannot access them. What's going on? Is their any setting i am missing? Any workaround ? What is the use of such feature ?
  13. I really need help with this one guys I figured out that the gid effectlet and the g-toggle effectlet do work with avedesk 2.0 (beta) BUT the reaction time is so delayed to hide/show the desklets. For example, to hide a group of two desklets (My computer and recycle bin) by using the calender as a trigger it takes a good 25 - 30 seconds to show or hide say after a mouse over or left click! On the same PC avedesk 1.3 took less than a blink i have tries this on 5 pcs and 2 laptops running winxp sp2 with the same drag using avedesk 2,0 I have tried various settings such as normal, destop alw
  14. I think iys a kind of catch 22 situation - people will be attracted if avedesk continus to evolve while avedesk folks will evilve the product only if people are interested. Honestly, i think a lot of persons were tentative over the last 18 months because of threats that this program was going to quit development and a lot of ambuigity yet surrounds this issue. I think minor updates keeps people interested (even though they don'y really bother to know the areas of change). Its pychological - as they feel interest is being taken and improvements are continuous Add to that a bug free base e
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