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  1. sorry about that. i was using objectdock but didn't really like it so i wanted to run it with rk launcher. i unzipped it right in the SysStats folder, so the config files are in the config folder and same with the scipts. when i click on the icon it pulls up my task manager. i have a dell and it runs wireless card utillity. dont know if this info will help...seems like it is being pointed in the wrong direction
  2. how do i configure this to update in rk launcher?
  3. is anyone using sysstates with rk launcher. im having probs with the widgets and getting them to run right. if anyone has any tips please let me know....thanks
  4. is anyone using sysstats with rk launcher. having a prob with the scrolling weather. i went into the code and fixed for my location but it dont think it will update. anyone have any times for running this with rk launcher
  5. i get all of mine from deviant art...very nice icons on there
  6. when i unload objectdock, then reload only 1 of my sysstates images will show. all the others images are blank(moon phase, wifi, battery....ect) the only one that stays is my cpu meter. any idea how i can fix this?
  7. im having major probs over here. im trying ot do this but the only thing i can get to work is changing the instant message window and that still doesnt come out right. there is an X where the other persons icon would be. im getting my skins from deviant art but when i try to apply them there wont come up in the miranda skinning. do i need to change file extentions or something??? please help.
  8. i installed the FlyakiteOSX, and i had major problems with it. after i tried to uninstall it, my computer was all messed up. i had to format and reinstall windows. when it was installed it worked great. much better than rk launch. i am currently running rk and feel much safer running that. you choice
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