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  1. haha well he did, but he only had a really small version of it and I have two 22" monitors... so I was hoping there were higher resolutions..
  2. Yes I asked him but he said he forgot both the name and where he got it. :|
  3. I've been searching for the past two days for this wall without any luck: http://xs320.xs.to/xs320/07415/what_is_this_wallpaper.PNG If anyone knows the name that would be great, or a link to the download would be even better. Thanks in advance!
  4. Awwwe ... Well uh, you know.. if you do decide to release it.. I'll... I'll be waiting.
  5. Very nice, may I have a link to the wall? I couldn't find it searching google and interface lift :/ Thanks
  6. I can't figure out how to download it.
  7. I realize this is old, but does anyone have any mirrors for these walls? Thanks in advance.
  8. Blue Styler Toolbar included, yes.
  9. Hey hhh, try this: right click -> toolbars, uncheck all of them. If you have none than I have no idea, all I know is some toolbars are wider than the actual task bar and cause the same problem. Sorry
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