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  1. Here are two zips. One is the icons and the other is the psd files. Enjoy. Icons.zip PSD.zip
  2. post the css and html please. I believe that you need to add a background. I'll know more once I see the code.
  3. try this. /* CSS Document */ body { vertical-align:top; margin:0; text-align:center; line-height:100; background:#990000 } /*feed internet explorer*/ * html body{ height:100px; text-align:center; } /*layout obyjects*/ #wrapper { text-align:center; width:800px; margin:0px auto 0px auto; position:relative; } #banner { width:800px; height:100px; background:#666666 } #l_pannel { float:left; width:200px; text-align:left; background:#999999 } #r_pannel { float:right; width:595px; max-width:600px; background:#CCCCCC } .button { width:100px; }
  4. Has anyone ported this widget yet to Konfabulator / Yahoo Widgets? Thanks
  5. Can someone send my iTunes 5 or let me know where to get it? Thanks
  6. The logo is the same... It's the banner that is different. Logo is ok... the banner that I like best is #4 but put the field behind it.
  7. you can do it with an iframe. Hope this helps
  8. This version works with the Mac version of Konfabulator. Still has some bugs in it but it's working. Great job.
  9. I would love to help out in testing etc. Please PM me when you are ready. Thanks.
  10. I do not get it "i" to change the City. It's stuck on Cupertino. Any ideas? I'm on a Mac. Thanks in advance.
  11. I am on a Mac. What do I have to do to update the city? Any help would be great. Awesome widget by the way...
  12. I just tired to reinstall this and when installing I get this error. Can anyone help me with this? Error is: Line 8 Char 1 could not create object named "WScript.Shell" 8007007E I do not have an antivirus program running. I am running Samurize 1.30. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks EyesOnly
  13. I have a mirror. PM me and I'll give you the link. EyesOnly
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