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  1. WinExposé works perfekt on my notebook with windows xp home. Its very fast even with 15 apps and windows open, and thats with an onbard notebook graphics. A very awesome app "thumbs up"
  2. I think its LE5 Visual Style and Miranda with Clist Nicer+
  3. Same like last month with small modifications: VS: Luna Element 5 Apps: Opera (NFR), Winamp, OB, Miranda
  4. Thats my skin, but sorry its not for release.
  5. BIG Luna Element 5, my new Favorite.
  6. Jumped on the Alluvium train. CLEAN || DIRTY VS: Alluvium Wall: Organic3 OB: Alluvium Apps: Mirnada, Winamp
  7. clist_nicer+ mod -> Link
  8. Contact Lens Use the Google Image Search and you find other aquasoft stuff.
  9. VS: Niqu - by me OB: Niqu - by me Wall: 2_faces_are_deeper - customize.org Apps: Samurize, Miranda, ObjectDock
  10. Niqu addicted OB: Niqu - by me VS: Niqu - by me Opera: Niqu - by me Wall: ratselblue - found on www.interfacelift.com Dont ask me for Niqu stuff!
  11. Hi, i found this on the Opera Site: I hope here are some Opera lovers like me, so everyone can put his refferer link here. So we can get some clicks for it. Here is my link -> @Admins Hope its allowed, if not delete it
  12. I have no problems with hacking the new shell32, i used batchmod.
  13. BIG VS: Niqu - Green Mod (not for release) Wall: Yoda (found at www.starwars-union.de)
  14. It points to the newest Version (1.11). It seems that the text is not updated.
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