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  1. I posted this list exactly 3 years ago. Some have stood the test of time and some have not. I've crossed out the ones I don't particularly prefer anymore, and added a few new ones in bold. RK Launcher Firefox2 Google Chrome Photoshop cs2 cs4 VLC Player wmp11 (consistently found it to have a much better quality video playback than vlc, and supports most filetypes with right codecs) Winroll (one of my favorites.. tiny little app that lets you hide a window) deskpins (another tiny & useful app that I found complements winroll well; lets you pin a window to top) Trillian Pro 3.1 Winrar (
  2. Man.. I'm still waiting for my first BSOD. Maybe that's why I haven't bought a mac yet... as much as I want a macbook, me and windows have been getting along great for the past 7 years. Haven't had a system crash/freeze for 3 years, never ever a hardware incompatibility. A software crash every once in a while.. but that's mostly the software's fault anyways.
  3. ooh.. I like them too bad safari for windows sucks though...
  4. oh yeah.. I forgot this was aquasoft.. my bad >_>... Its amazing the different kinds of reactions you get from different forums. But anyways, I agree with it being kinda ugly.. not horrid, but not great looking either..... but as far as headphones go, I'd prefer sound quality/comfort any day.. which the sennheiser's excel at.. the pmx100 doesn't look quite as bad.. not great, but.. yeah.. still has great sound.
  5. These three from senneheiser provide incredibly nice, clear sound http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16826106333 PX100.. "The" favourite headphones among many... open-eared headphones let some noise out and in, but it allows for a more natural sound. Also good if you like to stayed tuned into what's going around you, so you don't get hit by a truck or anything. Theres also a PMX100 that's a behind-the-neck version of the same headphones. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16826106328 HD 280PRO... Over-the-ear type.. more expensive than the px100, but amazing soun
  6. Unless the rumor about having led backlit displays, and unless they can keep it at a sub-$600 price tag, I'm just gonna try get the current one off ebay when the new one comes out.
  7. 2x 3.0GHz woodcrest processors in itself are $2,500 Retail.. and has been for the past half year... Not to mention that server-based components, (dual socket motherboards, FB-DIMMs) usually cost a lot more than typical components. 24 & 30" LED backlit monitors? Only retail LED backlit monitor I've seen so far is Samsung's XL20 which is a 20" standard ratio monitor at 1,500. That means that the lowest-end 24" will most likely start at around $3,000.
  8. you can use vistaglazz or a uxtheme patcher to patch the files needed to use unsigned shell styles in vista. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=vista...G=Google+Search http://www.msfn.org/board/Uxtheme_patch_Vi...RTM_t86972.html
  9. $$ Buy a domain Find a web host Learn at least the HTML basics The design process is up to the designer.. you can draw it out, whatever... You can use notepad to code the site, or use a program such as dreamweaver. HTML's enough to build a personal website, but as a profession, you'll need to educate yourself further in coding and design. You can get a site hosted for free with webhosts such as www.freewebs.com, but with limitations.
  10. If people are willing to buy them expensive, Apple's going to sell them expensive. They design a competitive OS, and sexy looking hardware, and then the rest is just marketing. They make it 'feel' like a premium product. I'm not saying it's not a premium product, but the cost is often in respsect to the consumer's "want" factor. Also, being the minority helps. Company that's battling "big bad microsoft" In fact, being expensive in itself is a step to being a premium product. If it was a $600 notebook that anyone could get, it'll have much less of a "want" factor.
  11. pencil case and a sharpie... no notepad?... paper?
  12. I've heard the F13 button works as a print-screen button. Someone will have to test this out cause I don't own a mac keyboard. If the wired version of the keyboard doesn't work out of the box w/ all the standard windows keys, is there an app or driver that will make them programmable? I'm another windows user who wants to use apple's keyboard/cinema display... I'm sure at least some of you mac users have a pc lying around somewhere. Care to test it out? eh, did some researching.. http://www.randyrants.com/2006/07/sharpkeys_211.html http://www.trinityworks.co.jp/US/software/.
  13. Has anyone tried using the mac keyboard(wired) on a pc?(xp or vista) I like Apple stuff, but Windows fits my needs better than OSX. The keyboard and cinema display quality is undoubtedly good, and although the display is quite pricey, the keyboard would make a very nice replacement to my bulky dell keyboard I have. I don't really expect the function keys(volume/brightness control, etc) to work, and I don't really need them, but it'll be nice if there was a stand-alone driver or software for it.
  14. .. but if I've ripped and and burned and transfered, converted to mp3's, and try to play the files on a new vista pc, would it playback? Most of my library music collection is digitally stored, and my hard-copy cd's are stored away somewhere in my parent's home..
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