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  1. Someone please share with me XAccuWeather Docklet.. The link is dead.
  2. I see.. I hope this new dock going to be a great thing and compatible with Windows 7!!
  3. WOW! Great news! Do you know what i want to see in the new feature? PANEL MODE!! I didn't see any dock have this function yet. So could you be the first for Windows? Ubuntu already got dock with panel mode and its awesome! Docky with Panel Mode
  4. is it possible for you to try emulate coverflow like in iTunes or Safari (the actual coverflow that work in windows environment)
  5. nice job but still need some improvements.. i dont like it when it preview the folders using thumbnails setting, look hideous on my desktop.. and you should put a customizable setting such as reducing the image size.. the icon rendering is lack in quality.. btw, i didnt see the button inside the coverflow and the process usage is quite high(as expected)..
  6. functions i like to suggest, 1. right click XWD>enable/disable always on top(easier to access) 2. add stack for My Computer 3. create icon/stack automatically when external drive plugged into pc such as pen drive btw, thx for adding reserve edge function BOBAH13.. i like it very much.. now im becoming a full time XWD user..
  7. 1)i got problem while using function add>stack, view>list, add to stack>folder... an error pop out when i open folder list view using listed functions.. 2)i also got problem with XWD startup, XWD loaded at startup but it does not appear at my desktop.. 3)the "edit" function is always on top of "change" image browser for XWD.. it annoys me.. ok.. somehow i managed to overcomethe problem with XWD startup.. its working now
  8. yup... same with here, please add the lock function especially for icons.. i always accidentally puff out my icons, and i have to put it back again... especially the stack, it annoys me bcoz i have to put back my customize stack icons..
  9. nice release dude... better animation than previous one... i like it... this new release is very stable for now..
  10. i got another request...i like the function "reserved screen edge" like objectdock inside XWD... i like to keep the bottom screen edge so that i could see my dock without the need to hovering it so that it came out.. btw... the new release XWD is quite heavy.. require lots of ram.. but it is still okay for me coz i'm using amd athlon 64 +6000 n 4gb ddr2 ram... but the smoothness of the stack is very poor.. to me it is quite lag when i click on it.. and become smoother after i click it many times... did anyone have any problm like me? sorry BOBAH13.. i didnt have enough time to browse all the
  11. i take back my words.. XWD 5.4 has better quality icons... i like it... but there need some improvements... i hate the new skin format especially for stack.. i used the skin posted in the forums, the dock skin is perfect but the stack skin is very2 hideous.. inside is black, but the border is white.. does not resemble stack skin like the old one.. so improve the skin.. or revert back to old one...
  12. hmm.. lazy to find in this a thread if any1 posted about the icons quality.. its look like XWD icons a little bit blurry for me, compared it to Objectdock icons.. can u improve the icons quality.. i want to use it but the quality of the icons are very2 bad n quite irritating to my eye so i switched back to objectdock.. i'll post the screenshot next time.. btw.. im using the XWD 5.3 ... goin to test XWD 5.4
  13. btw, i'm using OD..still got same problem with showing the icon.. even the default icon won't come out..
  14. i'm lazy to find in thz forum if somebody post about d problem with d icon... it seems that the new version can't maintain my icon on the stack, it keep disappearing even though the link of the icon still in the stack setting.. whenever i restart my dock, the icon disappear... plz fix thz.. and another.. i make a stack 4 my pendrive, but whenever i opened it when there is no pendrive inserted to my pc, the dock crashes, unlike the old version stack... fix this also...
  15. when i used glass2k transparency on my taskbar, i can't watch video full screen in any player... can anybody help me 2 solve thz....
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