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  1. Object bar was updated [Click to DL]
  2. it's a delta toolbar for foobar, and it's @ http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index....pic=35270&st=75
  3. Delta + Delta Rainy + Customized Foobar + Gmoz Wall (Couldn't find Gmoz II, so I linked to I )
  4. Matt0 used to do my WB to VS ports, but now I did it myself
  5. Delta VS Ported by myself, since matt0 has been busy with other stuff, I think it's pretty accuarate , Extra stuff in deviantart description , hope you like it and enjoy *{May have some design flaws because Msstyle limitations, and some because of my lack of knowledge} Comments are welcome :s DOWNLOAD @ DeviantART WB Version Styler Toolbar Objectbar Finder Rainlendar Wallpapers
  6. Maculation Module and Objectbar released on deviantart
  7. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/39908882/
  8. Trying a delta maculation desk just for fun Hyprnova's Lithium Wall
  9. It's cleartype @ 1400 Contrast :S
  10. Metallica's The Ecstasy of Gold from S & M (Disc 1)
  11. http://r1p.deviantart.com he's a great artist btw
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