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  1. @ahoffman - right now Hebrew Support for iTunes 7 + multiplugin doesnt work, its supposed to be fixed with the next mplugin release (which I hope will be sooner than later). for now, you either need to use iTunes 6 + the correct multi plugin for hebrew support, please search the threads for the corresponding items (also in the future check the threads for your problems there is a thread on this subject)
  2. uninstall everything, install iTunes, run iTunes once, close it then install multiplugin see if that doesn't fix your problem
  3. this looks like it may be your solution, however, i dont know whether it will work with iTunes 7: http://www.rush2pod.com/
  4. INpac, did you set the compatibility to xp sp2? otherwise it will not work
  5. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....2.1+multiplugin try that
  6. be patient and wait for the new multiplugin to be released *directs attention to 2nd post* just take the time to read the threads, esp. if they aren't over 1 page
  7. if you go to -> Program Files -> iTunes -> iTunes.Resources-> en.lproj (this folder is english, pick one of the others for diff languages) there is a STRINGS file called localizable, open it in notepad or something of the sort, it is organized you will just need to find where each of the strings you want to get rid of are stored, this is the only way i can think of doing it
  8. this issue is a bug with multi-plugin that will be fixed with the next update from localhost if i remember correctly, just be patient
  9. Vladdy - There is a seperate thread about your topic: "Help - iPod Hebrew Support?!" but I will be nice enough to sum it up for you: The Hebrew Support DOES NOT work with iTunes 7, but according to localhost he has fixed the bugs and it will be available for the next release of Multi-Plugin. As always - Be Patient - localhost doesn't have to do any of this.
  10. if that doesnt work, uninstall both itunes and mplugin, then install itunes, run it once, then install mplugin that should fix it if nothing else will
  11. this has already been addressed in the Mplugin thread - there was a skinning error with the aqua skin that will be fixed with the next release of multi plugin - be patient and read the threads
  12. are you adding the tracks one at a time? couldnt you just add the folder they are in? that would be quicker than how you seem to be descrbing
  13. the only person who can answer that question is of course localhost, the developer of multi-plugin, we cant answer for him
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