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  1. Any Joomla Icons please? .PNG format.. thanks.
  2. Just to let everyone know..i dont need em anymore.. i helped myself ..lol. Thanks anyway!
  3. Hey guys.. I kinda need some icons depending on the names.. for my forum board.. so if anyone have em.. please do share.. it'll really help me. Oh btw i'll need them in transparent .PNG format and 45x45 file size. Glossy ones wud be better.. a friend from AS already helped finding a lot of them..so just these are left. 1. Introduction Corner 2. Music Download 3. Music Forum 4. Other sports (any sports icon but cricket n football wud do) 5. Games 6. Travel 7. Gossip corner 8. Anything goes 9. Movies 10. Debate 11. Discussion 12. Religion 13. History 14. Technology 15. Question Mark 16. Staff
  4. Hey NC the second link u posted.. it says 404 error not found..its missing. Anyway i browsed the site n found it. DLing. Thanks
  5. If you guys doesnt have all the icons... please post whatever you have Thanks.
  6. Hey guys I have started a new forum.. and i really need icons matching with the forum board. Say News & Announcements ..and its icon should be So i kinda want matching icons with my forum board..I would really appreciate if some of you help me with it. Im sure those who has a good collection of icons has matching icons with my forum boards. So heres my forum boards..please do supply me some icons matching with the names. By the way size of the icons should be like the one i provided..the announcement icon..and format should be all PNG. Anyway here is forum board list. Rules
  7. Vista is cool - plain and simple statement on it.
  8. That was needed !! Very neat..Thanks.
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