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  1. I'm pretty sure the problem people are having with X Windows Dock not staying on the desktop when using show desktop is Aero Peek, of course this only applies to Windows 7. So, with keep dock over all windows selected in the options, and Aero Peek disabled in performance settings (i.e. Start>>> right click Computer>>> Properties>>> Advanced System Settings>>> under performance select Settings>>> deselect Enable Aero peek) the dock should stay on top of the desktop any time you hover/select the Show desktop button on the taskbar. You guys can test t
  2. Option 1 sounds to be the logical approach. A live update of the icon is not necessary because its just eye candy really.(Mac OS X 10.5 dock did not have the live update thumbnail either!, I'm not sure about 10.6 however) If option 1 can be cleanly implemented into the dock then that gets my vote. Take your time BOBAH, we appreciate everything you put into XWD including time and effort! No need to rush. We get all excited when there's talk of a new update though
  3. Ah, ok thanks. I couldn't find it for anything. P.S. I said "there seems to be no way...", that is quite different from saying there is no way.
  4. It's ok, and they have polished some features very well. The minimize windows to dock is nice, needs a little fine tuning but otherwise they did a good job. The settings window is functional and easy to navigate. Skins seem to be easy to make as well. Theres some other things about it they did well on but I'm keeping this short. There is, however, some letdowns...They forgot the simplicity of things really. Where is drag and drop support in it? Sure, I can drag something to the trash bin, but why can i not drop a text file on my notepad icon and open the text file, or drop a video on the WM
  5. Thats so strange, you aren't the first person to report having that problem.... However, as you can see in my screencapture...It is functioning />http://yfrog.com/6zxwd202showdesktopz *I'm not sure what settings you have set in XWD, but mine are as follows: Perhaps the "Keep Dock over all Windows" option is what keeps the dock visible/useable after clicking Show Desktop in Win7, just a guess.
  6. 1. The project is alive 2. a)Icons don't work? - Could you elaborate please? If you mean a certain application doesn't launch after clicking on the icon then perhaps you have added a .lnk shortcut instead of the actual .exe itself. Other than that I have no idea what you mean. b)The stack plugin has only been implemented into the dock since version 2.0.1 I believe, so there are still some issues/optimizations I presume to be made since it is basically beta. c)There aren't any icon effects? - Could you elaborate please? I actually have no idea what you are trying to say here. There is ico
  7. Loving the update BOBAH, much appreciation for the hard work and finding the time to work on it I have noticed a couple of issues with the bouncing dock, I apologize if you are already aware of these... If you receive a message while something is in full screen mode, when you come out of full screen mode the bouncing icon is still hidden off of the screen(but you can see the icon description and part of the icon on its highest bounce. In fuller detail...if you have something running in full screen mode i.e. video playing in WMP, and a dock icon is instructed to bounce until the window
  8. Hmm, I noticed with XWD update, after updating, it is still notifying about an update everytime it is started. No biggie, just something i noticed. Loving the drag support in the stacks Bobah, and the expose is pretty nifty too!!! Also, as you stated on the homepage, the performance looks good, and i see you took care of that issue where XWD was using 1-2% cpu constantly. Really great stuff...Cheers!
  9. Ctrl+Left click does this function already
  10. Do you have multiple monitors? If so, this is a known issue. It is believed to be fixed in the next version to be released. If you do have multiple monitors.... Disable them, start XWD, and now you should see the dock on your primary monitor. (Then, you can re-enable your other monitor(s)) If you do not have multiple monitors, please disregard this post.
  11. 1. Right click an empty part of the dock>>Preferences>>Skins (then you can cycle through the skins you have in the skins folder) 2. xwdock2.0beta\Skins
  12. Hmm, XWD still stays on the desktop for me when "clicking" on the Show desktop button, and infact the dock remains fully functional in this state... However, the dock is not there if I only "hover" the mouse over the Show desktop button. Is this not the behavior that you experience?
  13. Not to compare, I just wanted to add here that RK Launcher does have this ability... Well, this project specifically has implemented it.... />http://windowsedge.com/iVista%20Project/RKLauncher.html I dunno if that helps any, but i see its possible to do on the windows platform, but totally unsure if its possible due to the language the dock is written in or the docks core.
  14. Good to hear its functioning correctly on XP then All the programs i mentioned, repeat the same "symptom", dragging and dropping the application directly from the system32 folder onto the dock, creates a desktop link. The desktop link does nothing more than open the users desktop folder.
  15. Thought I would throw this out there, just a minor odd bug I guess. Dropping the Sticky Notes application (this is on Windows 7) into XWD 2.0 creates a nonfunctional icon(generic application icon), and when clicking on the icon it gives an error: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Sticky Notes.Ink Unspecified error Ok, so I thought, i would drag&drop the sticky notes.exe application itself into the dock... Dropping the StikyNot.exe program (located at C:\Windows\system32\) does an odd thing, instead of creating a link to the Sticky Notes application,
  16. Same thing here... The process in the task manager is shown running, using 0-1% cpu, and roughly 10Mb of memory useage, but the dock never loads onto the screen. Ive ran it in compatibility modes, which had no effect. I redownloaded XWD 2.0 several times, no change. Windows 7 Ultimate x64bit here. dunno I ran XWD from the desktop, my account is an admin account, and i even ran XWD as an administrator.
  17. Oh, you're teasing us with a screenshot now?!?!? What kind of.... ^^Just kidding Looking really good Bobah! Very nice...Keep up the amazing work, and thank you for all your hard work!!! Interesting concept, for the reflections, will you possibly provide documentation on how to enable the icon and window reflections? (I dont mean provide documentation now, but when you have released XWD II of course.) **Unless you will just simply have an enable, disable type of fucntion for the reflection settings in the .ini file.
  18. Completely understandable, there are more important things to do first, and I know your working really hard on this project. I just wish I could help somehow. You rock Bobah, thanks so much.
  19. But, with XWD 5.6 running on x64 Win 7, no x64bit app's window will minimize to the dock , only a x32 bit apps window will minimize to the dock. If there is no x64 bit version of XWD, will this issue be addressed? Actually, I got ahead of myself there, my understanding is you are making this theme as mac like as possible, so I assumed there will be the minimize windows to dock functionality in XWD II. Also, if there is minimize windows to dock implemented into XWD, will the minimized window in the dock keep the shape of its actual size, instead of a generic size like in v5.6? i.e. XWD
  20. Hi JcRabbit, I have tried your free version of Winstep Nexus, and it's pretty interesting. Not quite like the other docks, and has a personality of its own. All in all, it functions stably, and very responsive to interactions. However, I find it lacking a feature that most might agree, is very expected(or needed) with a dock's behavior - Minimizing windows to dock. If you take a look at the Mac OS X dock, this integrated functionality is where all windows are minimized to. Unlike Windows, where the windows are minimized to the taskbar, can become cluttered and an eye sore, much less aggravati
  21. Hi BOBAH13, I want to say thank you soooooo much for making this dock XWindows Dock is by far the real deal! Thanks man, Love it! I have had some issues, and if this has been reported already, my most sincerest apologies. Maybe it’s just my machine, but I do not know. It begins when you hover over XWD and it gains focus, everything’s fine, until you move your mouse immediately to the left or right from the dock (completely off the docks panel), acting as a hotspot, the dock never loses focus, until you move off of the horizontal section of the screen where XWD is. On a related i
  22. Hello everyone.. very new here I am sorry i a am a complete newbie at all this.. What i am wanting to accomplish is modifying the tab toolbar, from the wide toolbar with the tab being offset.. into a single sized toolbar with just the active tab being a diff color, but remaining the same size. The theme i am modifying is Truth ~ source http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/28635671/ http://img460.imageshack.us/img460/7583/truthwf3.jpg The tab toolbar i wish to implement into the Truth theme is from iFox Graphite http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/6167/graphiteqc1.jpg *EDIT: I
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