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  1. Black GAIA On Ubuntu Hardy Heron.
  2. monoorganic. gutsy gibbon 7.10. gnome.
  3. Seeing as this is Aqua-Soft, I re-did my Ubuntu Gutsy desktop Tiger-style for old time's sake (and for fun, of course). As always. Just for fun, here are the details.
  4. A mod I did xP. As usual, click the preview for the bigger version.
  5. lol yes . Click for bigger version of this Linux SS xP.
  6. Plasticky Linux http://tinyurl.com/2n32bz Too lazy to post a fancier preview xP. Click for zoom.
  7. Click the preview to see the "Busy" and full-sized versions of this desktop...and details. No, I don't really have any fancy previews xP.
  8. Dust... xP click the alethiometer for the full desktop.
  9. Still have the same desktop although this was posted to DA before Feb. Click for bigger version.
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