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  1. uhh is that supposed to be a reflection?
  2. for mac, if you have an unused screen corner you can set it to put the display to sleep. Also, on macbooks, you can turn the screen brightness all the way down and it shuts off the display. It takes less than a second when you hold down the brightness down key.
  3. How old are you? Happy "you got squeezed out of your mom's genitalia and looked like a lizard" day!
  4. Seconded... Also, kinda scary how (I'm assuming) we both have the same 1280x800 with a hooked up 1680x1050 screen setup. I have them arranged in the exact same manner. Pretty cool, +5 points for you. Also, yeha, why on earth would you want to ditch the ability to drag between windows? Are you nuts? That's the whole point of having multiple screens!! Not to mention, put a window someplace on a 1680x1050 near the edge and switch to a smaller screen, the window will be in a different place than where you originally put it, and when you switch back, you'll have to spread everything out al
  5. Are you running a legit copy of WB? Glitches like things being blacked out has been known to occur on "acquired" copies of the sofware.
  6. Try hooking up to a different monitor, is it still there?
  7. Seriously man, that was rude and in general, plainly messed up. I can't believe you can sit there and say that when someone spent hours of hard work and time coding that thing up. I never really found a use for Sarah Media, but I'm not gonna call it a "load of BS" just because I don't like it, you should take into account the amount of work and dedication put into a project before you insult the application (and indirectly the developer). If you have the ability to write a better program, then by all means do so, otherwise I have no idea how you could gather the balls to make such a statement.
  8. Check out the desktop screenshots thread, that's what it's there for
  9. Here's as true as I can get it. http://3d2f.com/programs/14-640-crossfont-download.shtml Get that, then convert the font that I've taken STRAIGHT OUT OF MY FONTS directory on my mac, and see how you like it. You'll find the Lucida Grande font here: http://www1.pacific.edu/~aevins/aquasoft/
  10. If you still have the disc that came with your mac, use that. You can still use the Tiger install disc to install iLife (I think), give it a shot. Make sure you only install the iLife part tho by configuring the setup options.
  11. There's an excellent version of Lucida Grande called "Lucida G" and "Lucida Gr" that come with BLITZR's OS X Leopard skin, lemme hook you up with a link, it's the closest I've ever gotten to perfect: http://blitzr.deviantart.com/art/Mac-OS-X-...d-1-29-38749022
  12. haha, I gotta say though, that ad does make me laugh, cause almost everyone I know is either frustrated with vista, is tired of getting booted off our school network, or downgraded. I have yet to meet one person who tells me with a straight face that they are satisfied with vista. XP with its many bugs is still snappier, has about the same amount of features, and is better supported (with regards to on-campus tech support, compatibility with wireless networks, mounting network drives and file sharing, etc). I don't think they're stretching the truth at all, and I think even if many people hav
  13. pretty cool. Also, DUDE, YOU SERIOUSLY SHOULD UPGRADE. At least to Tiger, man.
  14. Q. Does Microsoft plan to provide an update to enable ClearType on Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows ME or Windows 9x? A. No. Taken straight from microsoft.
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