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  1. Can someone give me a hand, I can't make foxdie work and don't know why: I get this, i have cleaned all in my profile userchrome etc as suggested by the creator's theme but i still can't make it work right, i get a white line when moving the buttons up and a different color space .
  2. Great icons mod thanks
  3. Really impressive work, Hope someone with coding skills would develop this as a explorer.exe replacement.
  4. Seems to be good, Gonna give it a try, thanks
  5. Enjoy! Download: http://danilux.deviantart.com/art/Hud-for-Firefox-2-81047867
  6. Very nice work again alabanco
  7. sh0td0wn you rock, Thanks for the quick anwser.
  8. Does anyone know how i can add a little extra space Between the Apple Start Button and the Finder Menu, I tried adding a empty blank menu but it messes up the other menus somehow, mabe change something in the ini file?
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