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  1. I don't think you get my point quite right. I was not pointing to the icon on the Dock. All my Dock icons are PNG 128X128. The issue is related to the icons that Stack Docklet shows up in Grid and/or Fan mode when you click the Docklet.
  2. Could this be another bug? I just found out that Stacks Docklet uses 48X48-256 Indexed colors (8 bits) to display icons. Isn't it suppose to use (RGB/A-32 bits)? Any icon not containing the 48X48-256 Image Format doesn't display properly under Stack Docklets.
  3. Tasks docklet icons are displayed based on the application ClassName. When you have a blank space instead of an icon it means there is no icon specified in the Task Docklet configuration for that ClassName (application). Let's go ahead and show you how to get it done or how to configure it so you use your own icons. (This is one thing I love about RK Launcher and docklets. (they are extremely customizable) First you need to browse to the Task Folder under RK Launcher installation folder. (C:Program FilesRK LauncherRK Launcher 0.41 Beta NightlydockletsTasks) There are two files we w
  4. Here is a new, more compatible and fine tuned RK Launcher installer. It was posted in my site a couple of days ago. I apologize for taking so long to post it here. This installer compilation is an update for Windows Vista SP1 users but you can go ahead and install it under XP as it will work just fine. By the way the installer is compiled for both platforms 32Bit and 64Bit. Updates: Ability to change the installation path. Ability to Repair RK Launcher installation in case something goes wrong with RK Launcher. StacksDocklet update included Icons included Translations included
  5. Just create a new shortcut in your Dock and edit it accordingly: Name: ANYTHING YOU WANT Link: %windir%System32rundll32.exe Arguments: user32.dll, LockWorkStation Screenshot: Greetings Yoni
  6. Hi guys, After the new StacksDocklet release by matunga I have compiled a new installer. This time you can run multiple instances of StacksDocklet without receiving the "Class already registered" pop up error we used have with kkmenu. Augs10 realized that copying and renaming the Stacks Docklet folder and the stacksdocklet.dll allows RK Launcher to run as many "stacks" as you wish without getting any error whatsoever. Thanks matunga for his great docklet and Augs10 for his find... The download can be found here: http://windowsedge.com/iVista%20Project/RKLauncher.html (Just click the big ban
  7. It doesn't work with Vista. Type mismatch error. I have tried it under XP compatibility as well with no luck. I mean it runs, once I use the keyboard shortcuts to lower or upper the volume I get the crash error... Thanks for the iJect, it works flawless
  8. Here is a short preview under Windows Vista running 4 instances of the application. The only problem we have is the "class already exist" error we all know about. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ar76N3dUEuY Yes I tried RK Launcher 0.40 but Aladdin's Effect don't work in any version previous to 0.41 ALTHOUGH stacks and kkmenu don't display any error message when we have more than 1 instance of the docklet running... Maybe you would like to work in that
  9. You are using RK Launcher 0.40 and we are working with the Nightly build 0.41 (Aladdin's Effect doesn't work with 0.40)
  10. There are few things I would like to point out if you don't mind. There is no "mouse over" animation effect in Stacks Docklet. This isn't a real problem but it would be nice to have that added into this wonderful docklet.
  11. Hi matonga, I have been running this dock in RK Launcher 0.41 (Windows Vista) without a single glitch. I tried to put it under heavy pressure by pointing to My Pictures Folder. It rocks dude! It took less than a second to pop up a preview of 150 pictures in the nice grid! Even though when I run more than 1 instance of the docklet at the same time I get the so much hated "Class already registered" error. As far as I'm concerned it doesn't have to do with the docklet itself but instead that error is related to RK Launcher handling. Great work mate, I just wish you allow me to add this dockle
  12. Can you share your RK Launcher folder with us? It would be interesting seen that happening. I'm not saying it is impossible but as far as I'm concerned RK Launcher isn't coded to handle multiple instances of the same docklet. Would you mind sharing you RK Launcher Folder?
  13. hey there mate, can you post a download link to that wallpaper? It look so comfortable for my eyes during night time works! Thanks for any help in advanced
  14. Animation depends on your system specs. you can change the Dock skin which may be dragging to many circles from your CPU and also speed up animation in RK Launcher's settings. It is the same engine (code) we just added some few features and reduced the installer size.
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