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  1. DragThing : SimpleOne by StefanKa Bowtie : SimpleOne by StefanKa Wallpaper : RX2Mreloaded Adium : Pure Dock : Frontière Icons : various Theme : HUD Menu bar & Kenzo
  2. You can download it HERE... But I don't remember author of this wallpaper ! Sorry
  3. Yes, I found that it change of general ipod icons... As I have 2 iPod (classic and nano), I choose the official picture It's a little test
  4. 2 little icons without claim made for my personnal use. Finally, I release it Click on the picture in order to go in the download page
  5. A little update of my firefox skin... Just Bugfixe Click on the picture in order to go in the download page
  6. kaloyster > Yes, it's desktunes. You can find it in Macupdate
  7. Shapeshifter : Cold Icones : Mix Wallpaper : Hong Kong Skyline by lazykun
  8. Shapeshifter : Nobilis Icones : ??? Wallpaper : Accolade Shapeshifter : Samui Icones : Divers Wallpaper : ArtastikGirl par Nerval
  9. Clean / Dirty Shapeshifter : AquaSoft by Ultra' Icones : Ekisho Wallpaper : Charlise bye Bioscoop Happy new year
  10. JR007 > Yes, I have added a bit of shadow... If you want a version without shadow, give me your email by MP Thx for comments
  11. Just a test. It's my first icon Download
  12. Garfield07 > Thx ! My Mac change my life... bh2 > you have to many icons in yours docks ! Too bad
  13. My first MacOS X desk : Shapeshifter : Cerebro by Stefanka Icons : Pure and Milkanodised Wallpaper : hope by carbon method
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