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  1. My installed copy of Office '03 does not have a built in template for APA style formatting. I need this to write some papers and have searched far and wide for a download. If anyone has Office '03 and would be willing to share their "APA5thed.wiz", I would be very grateful. Thanks, Bricks
  2. I've used my friends Bose headphones, he has these. I thought they were nice and they worked well as a monitor for drums, but then I tried the DJ1 headphones from Ultrasone. Picked up the DJ1's from GuitarCenter for $130, (originally $170), got a bit of a discount but if you haggle the sales people you usually can. I think the DJ1's have better bass and sound quality overall + they cancel noise better since they were made for DJ'ing. I use them as a monitor for drums or whatever. If I had to recommend any, I'd say the DJ1's. IMHO, you'd pay too much for the plastic BOSE.
  3. Miranda opens by default with the clist_modern plugin. After switching to clist_nicer, the list is nonfunctional and opening the options causes the immediate crash. So, this setup is unusable. Thanks for trying.
  4. I've been trying to do the exact same thing as you, JR007 for quite some time. I'm having the same issue with this version from the Contrib back. I managed to find an older version of clist_nicer+, which shows up in the plugin list, but when activated and restarted, I get a message of "Could not load profile xxx.dat, try installing dbx_3x.dll". Obviously this plugin is in there already. I've tried redownloading and reinstalling Miranda as well as all of my plugins but still no luck. I'm tempted to post on the Miranda support boards, but I'm not sure if they're stable yet. I guess I'll fo
  5. Yes, look through Astyanax's gallery on Deviantart. http://astyanax0.deviantart.com
  6. Thanks a lot, Ronnie! @ShadyApple: The last offical release for FF was .9 and it was done by Megumi. That's all I've got.
  7. Well, since you're offering. I wouldn't mind it. Thanks in advance. -TLFB
  8. Wow! Thanks so much MICHIRU! I love your site, btw. Great music. @gnome: The VS I've seen on deviantart has gotten permission from DSKY. Look here.
  9. The deviantart link is broken. I have PM'd megumi both here at Aqua-Soft and deviantart with no reply. I have also PM'd frease to no avail. If someone could send Siro to me via e-mail, AIM, MSN, or remotely host it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. -TLFB
  10. Your welcome, daevild. You can familiarize with themes as they're released, search deviantArt, or see them in people's screenshots. That's how I've found themes that I've used.
  11. I used to know a lot of your requests, but I've forgotten. The only one I do remember is the VS, it's called Samui 2 and can be found here. I recall because I'm currently using it.
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