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  1. VLC is by Manuel Sanches (http://matikdesign.com/) btw I coded the site... hehe
  2. Looks like a simple mod of Veritas: http://kal-el84.deviantart.com/art/veritas...c-beta-88995910 It is a theme for Leopard (Beta) and comes with several Walls. This one was the modded one: http://img56.imageshack.us/img56/6937/veritasnotextwa7.jpg
  3. Yes. If you have a mac just open the iTunes.rsrc file in Applications/iTunes/Contents/Resources/
  4. Took me a few tries to not miss the w, I kept hitting e by mistake.
  5. I need 15 more anyone willing to help?
  6. Ah sorry. Haven't updated that in while because I don't post much. Sold the iMac and the MacBook is going to get sold once I get the new one because I need more performance.
  7. This will be much appreciated. I really need your help. I need a new computer and I have heard from CNN and Digg, that those free laptop things really do work. So I thought I'd give it a try. I mean why not? Most of you are probably wondering who I am but I have been around these forums for a while just haven't really posted much. I do look around all the time. I thought since most of you are nice I thought you would help me out. I need 20 referrals. That means I need to get 20 people to sign up for a free trial of Netflix and cancel it (won't cost any money at all). Most people are afraid to
  8. click for full size: Behind my Monitor is an External Harddrive and a printer that prints 4x8 photos. Not seen in the photos are my 16GB iPod touch and my new black iPhone 3G. I have an iMac in another room. I am also waiting for that Mac Tablet or for upgraded MacBook Pros. Then I'll buy one of those as well.
  9. O wait it is a wallpaper. Oops. Well and 800x600? Hm...
  10. What do you use it for and it is a little dark.
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