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  1. You'll find everything you need HERE. I suggest reading the stickies first, they contain the most potent information.
  2. everybody who comments deserves it, lol. If I'm correct, the winning comment will be selected at random, right?
  3. It's just that the place is ipod touch central, but the only way to talk about the ipod is on the comments of your news posts and stuff.
  4. I signed up. You guys really need a forum over there.
  5. I did iPod upgrades/repair quite often on the previous models of the ipod, of course, those Drives weren't soldered onto the mainboard like the iPhone.
  6. yea, I definitely have to agree with iGo on the firmware thing, but where do you stand on my question about swapping flash drives iGo?
  7. People are complaining about the 8GB Flash Drive in the iPhone, right? Is it not possible to get a hold of the Flash Drive in the iTouch, put it in the iPhone, and then restore the iPhone with iTunes?
  8. actually, that would be 42... http://www.google.com/search?client=safari...=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
  9. wow... that just sounds.... i dunno... it just sounds like you made it up.. aaaanyways. I'm 17. I play soccer, and am an avid artist. I like to go to the gym as well, it helps me get rid of stress. I sometimes hunt and fish. I play football sometimes too. I'm a white american, but I'm Buddhist, and my girlfriend is half thai, half white. I love her, and am gonna hate having to leave her to go to college next school year.
  10. What do you mean they sold out of the touch? The touch doesn't come out until the 28th. Unless you're talking about they sold out of pre-orders, or somethin like that, unless I'm mistaken.
  11. should I call it the iTouch or the touchPod? I've been using both, I like both of'em, lol.
  12. I personally don't have a problem with only 16GB. I'm constantly purging my library anyway. The majority of the videos I'll be watching will be YouTube anyways, lol.
  13. The new nano had a leaked photo almost a week before it was released today. People came up with mockups of the iPod touch that were almost 100% accurate, but that's just people being creative. I definitely think they need to step up on the leakage security. That was one thing I loved about apple was there ability to surprise us.
  14. I have it un-checked; like levi, I find it annoying.
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