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  1. Of course I'll allow an OSX port, I encourage it even.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm refining and cleaning up somethings, and as far as integrating red into the design... From my experience, when red is introduced into a windows theme, it takes precedence over everything on screen, SOMETIMES making a theme look tacky or amatuerish...I don't want any skinners getting angry With that said I still feel that I can add hints of red in very small doses; I may create a substyle, where there is more red.
  3. Thanks, I'm also trying to not alienate non star wars fans with more a universal design; there will be windows flag, and apple logo start menus as well. The wallpaper will also come with and sans the Darth Vader shadow.
  4. Been working on this style for about a week, I'm almost done getting the general look and feel, but no skinning has actually been done thusfar, this is a mockup ONLY. The real skin will come later. For now here's a sneak... Click to Enlarge... Thoughts/Suggestions?
  5. 3 abstract walls I made while creating my Innex icon set Download here...
  6. Here is the Concave icon set I previewed several days ago, it now includes 50 icons in that style for v1.0 Download here...
  7. I know it's not a verb but I wanted to call it something referring to the theme of the icons. The name is also a work in progress. :slant: Any creative suggestions as to an alternative name for the style, anyone? btw, there are 26 icons in the set so far.
  8. Inspired by the Xbox360's "inhaled" design... I hope to get a full set by next week. Thoughts?
  9. You may or may not realize this, but I released almost the exact same skin last year. Right here...
  10. As requested here are the transluscent memory cards for psp. And just in case, no they aren't just the photos cropped and saved as pngs, these are from scratch. Download here...
  11. Icons for the Sony PSP, might do some folders later... Download here...
  12. Been away for quite some time, well here's a few new icons. Grab them here...
  13. Well I've finally got a little free time so I've been working on this little baby. :naughty: Hopefully the coding process won't take too long. Thoughts? Opinions?
  14. How do you find the URL's for RSS feeds, say CNN for example. Nevermind I found the url for BBC America news. :rock:
  15. Aqua-Soft feed works , just not CNET.
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