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  1. Hey nv02migu, would you share the 2nd icon in your dock ? Thx in advance
  2. Lox, i want the modded one. Thats right. I have sent you a PM
  3. Thx a lot , Lox. I compared the 2 pics, the one on your desk, and the one you linked to. I better like the wallpaper on YOUR desk. Mind hooking me up, with your own version ? I cant photoshop, so i cant make it cool like yours.
  4. Great wall, Lox. Got a link for the wall ? Did check DA, but came up empty. It would be much appriciated if you can help me out here Thx in advance
  5. Nice candybaricon, Psychopulse. Would you like to share it ?
  6. Jet Those icons in the right upper corner, are the NFR ? If not, would you please share the icons ? Thx in advance
  7. Very cool randy, like to share the wall please ?
  8. Jjpeacha Got a link for the wall ? Thx in advance
  9. SheepShaver Got a link to the wall ? Thx in advance
  10. xiaobeike-alexshell Like to share the wall ? The original is causing me trouble. Thx in advance
  11. Casper Link to the wall ? Thx in advance
  12. Much appreciated bh, didnt knew that site. Thx
  13. bh2 I would like the icon for your filling cabinet, if you wanna share ? Thx in advance
  14. ftsug You can use Rumshot for previews. Link to the wall ? Thx in advance
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