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  1. I have the same problem, I use winXP and I have 2 monitors.
  2. Does the magnification is suppose to work? Because it doesn't work for me, I am using Win XP SP3 Great work!, it seem already very polish!
  3. I am on XP, can afford to go with Windows 7, I am sad that maybe the Dock will not wok in XP!
  4. Great news! I am looking forward to try XWindows Dock 2.0.0!
  5. I think this is a very good idea to have open source Dock, if you look at all other Docks right now, ultimately the development has ceased. If you can have a group of developers that maintain the dock, if one the developer give up, the others can continue the project!
  6. The famous author of YzDock, thanks! Time to update Yz shadow!
  7. At startup I have this error message, I click ok and after that Xwindows Dock can resume normally. I did a clean install. Edit: I delete the file DockItems.xml and restart over , the problem is solved. This file probably get corrupted.
  8. I have a bug with the Gallery that seem to happen randomly on my tree computers they have different hardward and configuration. When I open the gallery and move around images the dock freeze and all my windows on my destop freeze too. I have to kill the process of Xwindows Dock to regain control of my desktop. It occurred on version 5.4 and 5.6, I was wondering if anybody else have this bug, because it happened to me on many computers?
  9. First thanks Atreius for your hard word on the docklets! I have 2 request for XCal, I know option for miniCal will come later, but I want to make some requests. -Change the blue square of the current day by something that fit better with the miniCal, maybe just a white line around the number. -I don't know if it possible, but add shadow around the miniCal?
  10. Thank you BOBAH13, very nice release indeed! I hope you will find a solution for your Paypall account so that we can reward you!
  11. Thanks BOBAH13, This release is great! The Gallery is awesome!
  12. This one is pretty good: http://www.iconarchive.com/
  13. Thanks Denis7OO for the skin, I really like the look of the glass on the Dock (Revolution) skin!
  14. Thank you BOBAH13 for the update Christmas gift! The Xwindows Dock just keep getting better!
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