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  1. I don't think it is since I remember reading on the officialsite that it was not yet realesed to the public, only that 'Customer Experience' program. It will be public in the up-coming weeks... I do have Vista RC1 by the 'Customer Experience' program.
  2. Yeah, in Beta 2 I tried installing the free 'Vista Anti-Virus; but I hated it. So when my RC1 finishes installing I'm going to try install Norton Anti-Virus 2006, so we'll see how I go. Thanks
  3. Yes, well done flyakite, really good job. Keep up the good work!
  4. Oh, I like this very much. I am currently doing the 'Finder Bar' chapter and it's going well. Keep up the top work. Draginol EDIT: I have one problem. How do I change the font on ObjectBar? I love the theme, but I don't really like the font there... Thanks again,
  5. I will have a look around for you too. Cheers!
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