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  1. Sorry for the bump but could someone reupload this? OSX-E won't let me download it
  2. I want one plz! kinijhi [at] gmail [dawt] com
  3. Another download link, anyone? How about Mediafire?
  4. I luv the Computer icon from the iVista set
  5. Yes and no. I tried that, and it is semi-possible. 1. It will only apply the skins it downloads to the profile you install it on, but you can access them from all profiles 2. It will apply its icons to all profiles, which are very noticeable in the start menu. 3. Any programs it downloads will probably be put in the startup folder of all users, causing them to be activated on startup 4. Any registry tweaks it applies will be visible from all profiles So if you uncheck registry tweaks, make sure the programs don't automagically start up by themselves, and uncheck icons, you should be OK
  6. Im ready 4 beta testing! When will u be ready 4 me? Hello? Hello? Is alilm still there?
  7. www.socksoff.co.uk is also missing
  8. Use some java script: http://www.javafile.com/password.php
  9. U don't need to to restore, just change back to Luna and it should fix itself...unless you downloaded the Transformation Pack, in which case you need to uninstall
  10. I am exactly average...oh well.. Probably cuz I wasn't alive for the events in half the questions and only knew fo sho' 4 or 5. I know I got 2 or 3 wrong so maybe I need to try again
  11. You can get old Firefox versions from www.oldversion.com I don't have the ZIP though
  12. For the icons, I'm not sure... For iTunes, if you installed the Multi-Plugin, you should try uninstalling that.
  13. Ever wondered if any1 found Atlantis yet? http://douweosinga.com/blog/0306/2003Jun11_1
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