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  1. My friend PoulNyrup is quite correct.. These items certainly DO work on an XP-PC - the only limitation is the 360degree scrolling mouse he mentioned. Apple and some of the other comments made here are certainly wrong, and bootcamp drivers are not needed. @schmrom as you especially can appreciate. many of us Mac users sometimes have to use a PC for various reasons. In my case, if I'm going to be using a PC, why not use familiar Mac accessories?? After all, the horizontal mouse scrolling is not the end of the world and keyboard keys can be configured by remapping them - easy...
  2. Yes you can have a Apple theme for one login account and basic xp on another. I used to use this in the past when I had some programs running on XP that didn't like Windowblinds so by going back to the login panel (switch user), I logged into a more regular XP environment. The slight downside as far as I recall, is that icons remain apple eg. the folders are still blue and if you use findXer for your Leopard (or Tiger) sidepanel, then your XP explorer also has that layout. You need to create a new user account and providing you have not installed all your emulation elements for 'all users' y
  3. It is customizable so you must be missing something regarding the icons somewhere. I can't remember how I did it but when I get the chance to play on a PC again, I will see if I can find out what the problem is. What I do remember though is that I set it up as an almost perfect clone to the Dashboard's running on my Mac's. All of the widget icons were 100% correct, the only problem was that some of the widgets themselves did not work as they do on a Mac ...
  4. Widgetdock version 2.9 - Available here: http://www.osx-e.com/news/widget_dock.html Search around for widgets and you will find many that emulate most of the Mac one's very well. Here it is running on XP SP2 on an APPLE 30 inch Cinema Display
  5. Just a quick head's up to say it appears that a guy called Gekos is selling many of our user developed apps - posted here on Aqua-Soft, on OSX and also on DA. It looks as though he's selling either a package of Leopard themed applications or individual skins and apps through a Paypal account - http://gekos.no/art/index.php/110/gekos-leopard-theme.html
  6. 1) eamon63's brilliant Leopard WB skin is the one to use for default skinning and for windows without the bottom border - http://eamon63.deviantart.com/art/Leopard-...b-PLUS-82018032 or 2) blitzr's theme configured to use the 'Safari' sub-style http://blitzr.deviantart.com/art/Mac-OS-X-...-Final-69580846 Dobee's theme is used to skin "about" boxes - ie About this Mac http://dobee.deviantart.com/art/OSX-Leopar...ta-0-2-79894582 or Other great WB theme options: mrrste http://mrrste.deviantart.com/art/Leopard-V-82009829 LeoFox http://neodesktop.deviantart.com/art/Leopa...LeoFox-63760929 Th
  7. I recall using the DockEx iCal docklet with his reflective icons (I think this is the link http://www.dockex.com/items/15 - but you will need to dig around for the reflective icons) Within the folder is the ical.ini file and you can specify the parameters which from memory should look something like this: [Label] Format=$[dddd], $[MMMM] $[d], $[yyyy] - $[hh]:$[mm]:$[ss] $[tt] [icon] Format=icons\\$[MM]_$[dd].PNG [Exec] FileName=C:\Program Files\Rainlendar\Rainlendar.exe Parameters= This displays the docklet in RK and links the docklet directly to your Rainlendar folder.
  8. @Davordg - I think he said he downgraded from 8.1 to 7.2 before installing Multi Plugin @Killgraft - When you uninstalled your Multi Plugin did you reject the option to save your preferences?
  9. Ok mate maybe take a step back, breath deeply and then read what others are saying before shooting from the hip. Sharp comments can be fun, but they can also be plain irritating. I don't think many people here have any problem with the fact that you might like a particular app, just try and follow it up with something constructive. That way we all win....
  10. (sigh).... @wonkamino Next time as KAWSquared suggested SEARCH the forums... For the last time..... Multi-plugin only works with iTunes 7 up to release 7.0.2
  11. As others have said, there are really very few Leopard specific sounds. Here are a few that exist: http://www.markraats.com/RG_Downloads/Leopard_Sounds.zip
  12. I posted one a long time ago here http://www.markraats.com/MacSearch%20to%20Object%20Bar.htm (at the top) and its based on my Mac's actual Searchbar. Not sure how it compares with yours, but if you see anything you might like to use, please feel free to do so..
  13. Mate.. your fabulous skill and endless energy make you a machine! You are simply the most astonishing talent and I look forward to seeing what you come up with here........... Congratulations
  14. LOL @username3d3 you are kind in the extreme! My humble thanks mate... Yes, I HAVE tested the XWindows dock and its a simply brilliant piece of engineering... This app and Matonga's new Finder clone have me booting up the old PC as often as I can.. Its the fantastically hard work by developers like these that make the emulation community such a rewarding place to play...
  15. I agree with almost all of the comments here. To get an entire suite working is an almost impossible task.. @Zephi mate, I have to admit I'm tired about the debate on my FrontRow app. The app I developed DID work as was shown in the demo video, but admittedly the task of making it compatible for almost every system out there was way beyond my modest skill - not mentioning the issue of XP vs VISTA etc etc (take a look at the hiccups with SarahMedia). As others have experienced the endless demands, configurations of system components, displays, processors RAM was something I could not cover p
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