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  1. lezuzius


    Have you tried to change color handling to indexed from others before saving? Its in top menu i cant remember exactly which.
  2. For those whose app dont wanna workin: you may put wallpapers in a folder doesnt contain unicode characters like "á"
  3. alianyn, first of all let me THX to ya for this blaster. I think the problem isnt with your proggie (current ver.), i've installed it and simply works fine n i have lots of other shell hooker stuff installed. (XPsp2, wb5.0.1, wfx3.0, üi1.0.2.38, vtt, inactive dx3.1 and inactive styler1.40) Maybe a previous version left something wrong on those machines, or other finder like stuff killed them. I'll be back soon with some facts and tips i found, just throw them among you've already got TIP: dont kill explorer after register, hit a pure computer restart instead!
  4. Well implementation isnt equal shipping with. Ok then i'll have my headshot, im going to install it because i simply cant miss to try this Nubs out. But Andrew if you can cut off this pack please try to doit, not i am the only one who like pure software. >mushu13: yea a lots of trojans and viruses too ^.^ thats why i dont need those which need it, hahahaha. EDIT: oh maybe not, i just read the expiration date
  5. Hi Andrew! Is there any way to exclude .net framework or it's musthave function in your cooool app?? While Microsoft dont put .net in Windows i dont want to install that tons of crap package, and alternative ways i dont know yet. But if anybody know something please tell us.
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