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  1. @ceroy, thanks! I actually switched over the a mac... do you have it for dashboard?
  2. Anyone know where I can get the itunes art widget in this desktop pic? http://tsu16.deviantart.com/art/happy-X-mas-26667398
  3. I have only seen it in pictures, one with the front of the monitor, then one with the back. Although I believe I have seen other icons in the dock that are animated, such as adium.
  4. Thanks. these are great!
  5. nice..where did u get those? is there one with the monitor "on" also, do you know how people have them turn in there dock?
  6. I know there is a bunch of these on here, but I am looking for the back and front of the aluminum apple one. I saw some with the front, but not the back. Also, I notices people have it on there doc, and it turns, how is this done? thanks!
  7. Thanks! I'll try that when I get home. I appreciate all the responses.
  8. NC, I thought because of the "cut and paste icon" name, he was being sarcastic, just that some files work and some do not. Sorry. So instead of .icns, how are these files created? Also, how do I convert an .icns file to this? I know how to convert a png to and .icns, but is it possibel to convert an png or icns to a Standard Mac folder icon? Is there even a abreviation for it like .png or .icns? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to figure stuff out.
  9. T/F are you being sarcastic, or do you know the file type that is in the link above that works. There is a .icns icon in that link, but that didn't work without pixadex, however, the other one did. I beleive it is the one labeled "SanDisk Cruiser icon" that, when you unzip is not in another folder, like the png's or icn's. If you go to the link and download it, you will see what I mean. Of course, if you already did that, then I am even more confused!
  10. T/F, thanks. That is what most people recommend. Just curious, when I downloaded the icon here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/481197...me+-in%3Ascraps There was one type of file that worked on the mac without using pixadex. It just copied right over perfectly. Do you know what file type this is?
  11. Thanks again. I appreciate it. I guess my last question for know is, how come when I change a desktop icon on my mac using another .icns file, a black box appears around the icon. I downloaded this icon: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/48119763/ In the file, there is an .icns item, but there also is another not in a file, it says "document" as a type when I veiw the info on it. When I use this there is no black box only on the .icns. And the problem is, most of the icons I have downloaded are in .icns files. What am I missing?! So, when I follow the instructions of copying that li
  12. actually someone just PMed me and it work... desktop -> apple J show item info Do you have more powerbook icons you can send me? I just got a mac and am really trying to customize it... some of the ones I got are pngs with I need to convert I guess somehow!
  13. Thanks! Found some of them and will search harder in a few. Now, I knew how to do it with avedisk, but I can not find out how to have sublabels under icons like my hard drive on my mac?
  14. I know this thread is really old, and I have searched here to find some, but everything seems to be taken off. Does anyone have some 12" powerbook icons they can post? Maybe one of the top closed, one open, and any other angles? Thanks!
  15. Like it a lot, only problem I am having is that on long titles, they get cut off b/c the background is not big enough, anyway for the text to go to the next line if it hits the end of the background?
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