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  1. "great machines"? hardly the MacBook was going to be my first mac. i mean it. but heck... look at this! Glossy screen (and no option NOT to have a glossy screen) Integrated video (come ON! even the previous gen iBook had a Radeon Mobility 9550!) no PC card expansion no Superdrive on the lowest-end model for the same price as that MacBook i can get a DELL with a DVD burner... AND a Radeon X1300 128MB AND 1GB of RAM, instead of 512MB... not to mention a 15" screen with a higher res (1600x1050)... heck... i'm going for the dell... sorry Apple... you lost a swicher
  2. erm... there is NOT ".ico" and ".ICO". main reason because there's not? simply because Windows doesn't differentiate lower from upper case letters. what you might be getting is some corrupt icon files. either that, or you're not reading the extension properly. there should NOT be two different file formats with the same extension in Windows... mainly because Windows figures out the file type based on the extension.
  3. ooooooooh! NICE that looks sexy!
  4. about to turn 22 in a month
  5. warning: that paint on it wears out too easily. i've seen horrible pics of those mice after usage :
  6. i got it a few days ago. it looks really nice now if only we could program the right effects
  7. happy birthday unbe! really! i mean it lol
  8. Ave, I like the idea of merging available and installed desklets (though with some way to know what is installed and what's not). but making them all available at one single spot sounds GREAT. the new dialog looks nice too, with the previews and information text
  9. zondajag, i'm sorry but you're gonna have to forgive our friend Ave. this community has a few developers and due to their closeness with the members, it's a [bad] practice that some acquired: to constantly request extra features and request custom tailored programs. the devs have lives. making a piece of software is not easy, it's not simple and it takes time. i fear i kinda spoiled part of the community with my programming practice, in which i was really open to feature requests and they very often got implemented in the software i developed (visible in this community, just Orbit). but yeh..
  10. windows uses a concept called 'dirty regions' to draw to the screen. That means that it only updates areas that need updates. as a result. it doens't matter you resolution... if the area that needs to be updated is the same size, then the speed is the same. but of course... when messing with full screen stuff all the time, 1280x1024 will be slower... more load on the cpu (video cards right now don't do the rendering in Widnows)... but it shouldn't be noticeable if you have a 500+ MHz cpu
  11. 1) no it's not. PearPC is emulating an entire architecture. VMWare is virtualizing an existing one. VMWare is by far 5 times as fast as PearPC while running OS X x86 versus OS X PPC on PearPC. 2) this version he is reporting is a VMWare disk image. that means that it's ALREADY installed... you have to mount and use VMWare... to get it to boot natively on your machine is another thing, though Damn i need an SSE2/3 processor...
  12. he doesn't even look like bill gates : anyway.... move on... nothing to see... there are Macs at Microsoft, y'know?
  13. Source Konfabulator Homepage neat!
  14. he wants icons to MATCH that desktop. not to know which are the icons there i dont know... i'll look around and see if i find any lineart icons
  15. it's cool to see the animation applied to various widgets can't wait for AveDesk 1.3
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