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  1. Im up to 150 points. I don't think it's a scam, since it does involve a lot of work. I guess when they launch they want to make money off the music videos people will watch.
  2. Name rings a bell How's it been Timan?
  3. How do you guys like the site, I have a bunch of points already, but not enough for anything I'd like
  4. I have just designed my first iPhone application, iFlix 2.0 It first evolved as a single mockup for how I wanted a Netflix application to look like on an iPhone, it soon became a reality. Please check it out, you might like it http://www.iphonevine.com/iflix2
  5. So by the posting date, they had 4 months before release to hire a guy for a camera?
  6. http://digg.com/apple/iPhone_to_get_a_better_camera dugg!
  7. Debatable topic indeed. Whenever I'm by someone that is smoking, I can't even handle breathing the smoke. It makes me watch to choke infants. I'd never start smoking as I'm worried how it would deteriorate my health, and that it will. I'm also worried about spending money on something like that, I'd rather save it for some gadget. 1 pack is also like buying a $5 candle that smells like shit. That's just my opinion though.
  8. Lol, behind everything. MacThemes is one of the better sites that he's "behind"
  9. It's terrible. Honestly, I'd take Jeter's advice... some of those free designs are a great start, and easily customizable to your needs. Just use one to "get something up so people can see" your works.
  10. Hey guys, I'm sure you've seen the video for the March 6th event for "iPhone Roadmap" well after watching the video a few times, I noticed that you'll be able to search your contacts on the iPhone, something you couldn't do before. I've got some pictures up at my site http://www.iphonevine.com/iphonevine-news/...-contacts-in-20
  11. Yeah, I've resolved the problem with my host. I supposedly submitted a "cancel account ticket" I'm just glad the site is back up.
  12. Had some complications with host, but it's all working now.
  13. I've contacted my host, mediatemple. This is what they told me: "This (gs) Grid-Service has been suspended. Please contact us at (877) 578-4000." Complete Bull.
  14. Glad you think so, It's one of my best widgets. I need to update it though, chirp media doesn't really exist anymore btw: I'm reworking the back of the widget, so sit still! Version 2 Released!
  15. Lulz, myspace things. Pretty much what every forum software is doing these days.
  16. Just out of curiosity, how many people are using this widget?
  17. It looks great in Safari, my main browser. I understand that alot of people use Firefox, i'll see what i can do.
  18. Yeah, the screenshot is the site before I modified it a bit. Thanks for the kind remarks!
  19. Some of you may know my website, iPhonevine from either the homepage or just stumbled upon it. lol Anyway, I've recently (2 hours ago) redesigned the site and wanted to get some feedback on it. I've attached the before picture, you can see the current design at iPhonevine.com http://www.iphonevine.com
  20. Hey guys, I introduce you my brand new site...wait for it....iPhonevine. I've come to get some feedback on my new creation, as well as seeing if anyone is interested in writing for iPhonevine. Please note that I want serious authors, not just someone that wants to make a quick buck. I pay anywhere from $3-5 an article. Depending on length, and quality. Anyway, check it out. iPhonevine.com
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