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  1. oh i reinstalled logonXP and just put a new log in while m at it hahaha thanx tho
  2. so i downloaded logonxp by stardock and tried to create a new logon screen... i guess i messed it up because it wouldnt work... i didnt like it anywayz, so i unistalled the program off my computer... now whenever i need to login, it tells me some "value 14 error" something like that... i dunno how to restore my old logonscreen? how do i do that? and also, ever since that happened, i get a windows error message that says: the file user32.dll was misplaced or something of the sort... how do fix it? (i wasn't sure where to place this post, so mods, feel free to move it where it belongs)
  3. how sad... cuz in iconpackager, i see that the icon had a small and big version... iconpackager just can't use it.. we need a better icon extrator software
  4. where can i find the counterspy icon for objectdock?
  5. well, when i download the theme in inconpacakger, everything seems fine and it in fact, downloaded the icon for that specific file/folder... but when you view it a certain way in win, it goes back to the old yellow folder and then, in then, that very same folder is changed to the theme's icon in another view... i dont get it... that happened for yellow folders, the desktop icon, the recent documents icon and a few others...
  6. i didnt notice a iconpackager thread, so i wasn't too sure where to post this question. i downloaded iconpackager and ran the snowe icontheme, but, just like the other themes ive been running, iconpackager doesnt change everything and m not just talking about the control panel icons... for example. if m lessay, using word and m saving the document, in the little navigator window on where to save the document, i still see the ugly yellow win folders, not the icons that i had just downloaded from the icontheme... why is that and is it possible to change it and how?
  7. thanx evilmnky... i already tried the display thing (yah, i was going for 48 originally hehe)... and it only did the start menu and desktop. i wanted the other win explorer icons to increase in size too, not just the start menu and desktop... but then, when i think about it, a lot of the win icons are still in my system even when m using iconpackager with other themes, like the control panel icons are still the same for the most part.... but i dunno, rite now, m browsing through and see what i can get thanx delta the thing is that i can't tell between trustworthy sites and the other weird
  8. sweetness!!! thanx hehehe m told that i shouldnt be downloading all these win tweaks because it messes with the computer, slows it down and i have a higher chance of getting diseases (virisues and spyware)... i hope i can dodge bullets well then in this case, cuz i really wanna change win hehehe
  9. thanx, ima try that... but i wont be able to change the start menu to classic cuz m running a msstyle... funny u know, cuz m trying to make windows do what I want it to do... the best computer will definitely be the computer that allows me to change anything whenever i wish to hahahaha btw, i checked ure link, niiiiiice desktop but i wonder, are you running vista? (i like the previews for the windows like a slideshow thing...)
  10. i couldnt find the window metrics under control panel... ima try option B ---- option B didnt work... back to A LOL!! i did find window metrics and changed it to 48 but i couldnt notice the difference... boosted it up to 72... i still didnt notice a difference. m assuming i have to reboot or log out or something... m i right? ---- nothing changes... it only changes the start menu and the desktop, whenever i change the icon size, whether in the regedit or in the display-apperance-properties or the accessibility wizard. the folder icons, the win explorer icons stay the same old 32X32... oh well
  11. so has anyone seen the edo icon theme? none of the links i used worked... seems that it got completely erased off the face of the earth...
  12. i would like to increase the size of my icons. not the desktop or start menu, but all my icons in general, like folder icons, file types icons and so and so forth... it's like i downloaded these 'high res' icons with iconpacakger, but i can't enjoy them because they're still stuck in that 32X32 mode. m not sure how to do increase them. can anyone help? btw, i already tried going on display, apperance and effects: that only worked for the desktop and the start menu, but not all the other ones...
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