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  1. Just see this site for the first time, amazing site, good work guys, btw, can you think the mac mini game can be converted too win ?? tks for the info..
  2. new one click me, work not safe Wall: Adriana Lima
  3. ok, last one for december, buyed white stripes dvd yesterday click me Wall: poster of the show i saw in 2003
  4. Not work safe, click to view Wall: made by me Samurize: Media taskbar, multi tab modifié icone - rlz par derek merci !! Avedesk: Trash, Battery ok seph... :cool:
  5. just a little desk, was a snowie day, feel christmast already click me
  6. My new desk, hope you like it bigger Wall: made by me Visual: soft blue milk Samurize: cd cover by crni Avedesk: DigitalShelfClock
  7. click Theme: gfx oasis by kol Samurize: cd covers and meteo taskbar wall: click
  8. My new desk, have a nice weekend Click me
  9. My first wallpaper posted, dont have much skill yet, im sharing it anyway, hope somes people will like it, BAM *original photo by ValeraUch @ DA Click
  10. My new desk, Visual: softbluemilk2.2 wall:by me CLick click CLICK
  11. im looking for the ftp widget too...
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