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  1. My Desk http://fg0.deviantart.com/art/Celts-112373068
  2. Hello! Here is my Glass Frame for Samurize. Open it with Photoshop and convert to a png file! Ready to use Samurize! Use your imagination for the rest! I hope is useful! Download http://fg0.deviantart.com/art/Glass-Frame-112452812
  3. It is a pack, but thanks! I will try, because I need the files (dll, cpl & exe) for a personal stuff. ------------------------------------------------------------- The file name is "StefanKa ~'s Systemfiles2.cab" and this pack is very poorly finished! No need to double post - use the edit function, thanks - mps69
  4. Hello, someone can make this style for WinXP based "Alien" for fluxbox? The resources are here: ftp://gentoo.arcticnetwork.ca/pub/gentoo/...0050128.tar.bz2 Link for psd: http://rapidshare.com/files/187040726/Resources.zip.html I shall be very grateful!
  5. Hi, any link to this wallpaper? Thanks!
  6. Hi everybody! I am looking for StefanKa's System Files (the original -No Brico packs or another-) in any language. If someone keeps be grateful that you share! * I tried the old links on this site, but no longer work
  7. Hi! I don't remember the name of these icon set... Aqua...? Please, Someone helps me to remember? [[ Update: ]] I've found! If anyone is interested, called "Agua" Link: http://dlanham.com/
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