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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been looking for this a while now.
  2. Does anyone know anywhere I can buy a mac mini case/enclosure? My friends is not under warranty, and its cracked (fell over) and has a huge hole on the top. It still works, but a replacement case is in order. Anyone know when I can buy him one? Thanks AS!
  3. That makes perfect sense. Anyway, yea. I'm like, never happy unless my room is clean. Its like I'm OCD or something, I don't know. :slant: Anyway, yea, my older (17) bro is like you too. He yelled at my Grandma for "straitening up" his room last week. I felt bad for her.
  4. Photoshop CS3 WindowBlinds ObjectDock Dreamweaver WinOptimizer 4 Firefox iTunes Frostwire Media Portal WinRAR Game Maker 7 Pro
  5. || How long ago did you get it? - I see. Well, keep reading... || Is it under warranty? Get a new one! I got a Best Buy warranty with my Touch, so if anything goes wrong, if THEY (Best Buy) can't fix it, they give me a new one. Its better than Apple's Limited warranty, and better than Apple Care. (So if I smash my Touch, I get a new one, no questions asked.) (Maybe I should do it so I can get a new one without that chip in it from when it fell.... *looks side to side* ) But yea, see if you can get a new one. My friend at school has a Classic and his time, alarms, time zones, all that, is fi
  6. He said all the music on that iPod is not on the PC because the HD is too small. So all the songs are on the iPod and not the computer. I say buy a Mac and iPod Classic. Perfect Apple harmony.
  7. yea, but leopards sidebar is not grey, so that would look weird Also, sorry NC about the double post. I was over excited I forgot the rule. No problem . -NC
  8. I think they are the same as Tiger. I can package the WAV sounds from Tiger for you if you'd like.
  9. yes, it is FinderXer there is a small border on the side, as shown, but you can disable a big border on it like below
  10. @kinsemon - I tried it, and it didn't do anything. ------------------------------------------------------- I bet its because I have the demo. Some things I cannot do with the demo are: Skin non-theme aware programs Skin unsigned per pixel skins Change color/hue/brightness on the fly Change toolbar icons of IE and Explorer Change progress animations Skin scrollbars and toolbar icons Could this cause my problem? {{UPDATE}} Ahhhh, perfect. With a quick purchase of WindowBlinds 6, my theme is beautiful now. EDIT: Ooops, didn't mean to double po
  11. Could it be I have the demo version? Dan has the full version....
  12. Na, I looked for you for roughly an hour. Nothing. Sorry.
  13. I found a solution. I don't know if it will work for you, but you can try. I uninstalled WindowBlinds. I put the Luna theme on. I put my taskbar at the bottom. Restarted. Then I logged on, and moved it to the top. I then installed WindowBlinds and applied my Leopard theme. Fixed. You can try it with OB, but like I said, I don't know if it will work. 2 totally different applications. Good Luck! EDIT: I remember something about my OB experiences. Some OS X themes I got wouldn't move the taskbar up, but hide it and apply a skin up there. Put the default Luna (XP Blue) skin back, and make sure
  14. Like, the close min max? Yea, WindowBlinds
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