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  1. Hi everyone can anyone show me where/how to replace these icons ? thanks, appreciate it.
  2. i accidently removed the recycle bin out from the dock, now when i drag the default bin back in it gives me an error as unknown, i also check the target was the right path ::{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} as show in registry, i can re-create a new recycle bin from rocketdock and give it another directory to replace an icon which i'm not looking at. i prefer to use a default one how do i get it back? thank you in advance to anyone can help!
  3. @Husaini HB I'll give it a try later this evening when i get back, thanks buddy
  4. Thanks alot guys for pointing out those. @Davordg Iconworkshop doesn't allow to browse through individual application .exe icon, within OS only Is there any other interesting ones?
  5. i'm running windows Vista i'm looking for a decent programs to use to change .exe icon, i'm wondering besides iconpackager what are u guys using? all i really need is to replace application icon, a free one would be nice , shareware is okay too i'll give it a try. Thanks
  6. Am i the only one % there? windows Vista compatible with many Apple hardware, i was supprised when my Mighty mouse scrolls 360degree, vista does look really nice with cinema display too.
  7. Ah. thanks I don't really remember what i used to have yeah i see the Pro logo added to it [i have Pro] Video & Audio setting are just plan simple which is most of free Windows video players have, your situation i don't know or maybe someone faking their IP and ur got picked up as that person has Pro, update comes they send it to u as well , i don't know !!!
  8. ACC 256kbps Plus i use a little box called ADS tech instant music, obviously the higher kbps is better quality sound you'll get honestly i can't really tell the difference anything that over 192kbps,
  9. But, how can you tell whether it's Pro or just regular, added (H.264)?
  10. Damn can't u imagine if she kisses u ? lol... Too bad i don't smoke but i do needle, though
  11. siddharth any particular player you're using it for? i have different ones for VLC
  12. http://pyxelated.deviantart.com/art/Realit...0x1200-25788628
  13. @Island Dog Thanks for a replied No offense, What is that suppose to mean? and you should mention 40 USD otherwise i'd think 40 Mexican Dollars so that would even out
  14. Hi Island Dog Off topic ... Since you're here, just a quick question about iconpackager : How often does it update ? is it free update or i have to purchase every time when there's a new version?
  15. @rjohnstone Yeah ... i was thinking IE7 has to do with the new security thing
  16. It's hidden, you have to set to show all kinds of file i've found this directory after enable it AppData was hidden C:UsersAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet Files
  17. Here it is JR007, and Happy New Year guys...
  18. i've tried to get to a download button nothing responding... , icons look very nice, quality design i'm hungry, can't wait
  19. i heard this one pretty good try it LameSecure @Phamtom_lord Folder Lockbox might does the trick
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