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  1. Hi everyone can anyone show me where/how to replace these icons ? thanks, appreciate it.
  2. i accidently removed the recycle bin out from the dock, now when i drag the default bin back in it gives me an error as unknown, i also check the target was the right path ::{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} as show in registry, i can re-create a new recycle bin from rocketdock and give it another directory to replace an icon which i'm not looking at. i prefer to use a default one how do i get it back? thank you in advance to anyone can help!
  3. @Husaini HB I'll give it a try later this evening when i get back, thanks buddy
  4. Thanks alot guys for pointing out those. @Davordg Iconworkshop doesn't allow to browse through individual application .exe icon, within OS only Is there any other interesting ones?
  5. i'm running windows Vista i'm looking for a decent programs to use to change .exe icon, i'm wondering besides iconpackager what are u guys using? all i really need is to replace application icon, a free one would be nice , shareware is okay too i'll give it a try. Thanks
  6. Am i the only one % there? windows Vista compatible with many Apple hardware, i was supprised when my Mighty mouse scrolls 360degree, vista does look really nice with cinema display too.
  7. Ah. thanks I don't really remember what i used to have yeah i see the Pro logo added to it [i have Pro] Video & Audio setting are just plan simple which is most of free Windows video players have, your situation i don't know or maybe someone faking their IP and ur got picked up as that person has Pro, update comes they send it to u as well , i don't know !!!
  8. ACC 256kbps Plus i use a little box called ADS tech instant music, obviously the higher kbps is better quality sound you'll get honestly i can't really tell the difference anything that over 192kbps,
  9. But, how can you tell whether it's Pro or just regular, added (H.264)?
  10. Damn can't u imagine if she kisses u ? lol... Too bad i don't smoke but i do needle, though
  11. siddharth any particular player you're using it for? i have different ones for VLC
  12. http://pyxelated.deviantart.com/art/Realit...0x1200-25788628
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