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  1. As the title states, it has been a long time since I have been viewing or even browsing this site. From time to time I stop by just looking for a few updates on what's going on in the PC world of Mac emulation! I have actually been a member of this site since 2001, despite the user name changes.. (I guess you would call that an identity crisis.) From the time Aqua-soft released their mock apple apps, to the time apple shut down the mock aqua-soft apps. I even discovered the web archive that still had copies of the software aqua-soft released a long time ago still; years later, available af
  2. so after how many months, and your are still telling me you are happy with windows vista... I use to love pc, even was a beta tester, and a MSDN member. After the final release of vista, we upgraded all 5 our of pcs/laptops to windows vista. after 3 months of running the OS, it slowed down to the speed of a 600mzh computer. We tried to fix the problem, but then the network started acting up for no reason. After dealing with it for 4 months, we threw out all of our PC crap including networking, and windows mobile cellphones, and got 2 mac books, 2 iphones, 1 apple server, and the networ
  3. I put one of these up last year! and well it was a hit. Make up an outrageous lie, tall tale, or vicious piece of gossip about the previous poster. Just for fun. So this year I figured starting it off early would be a great idea! The goal of this posting is to tell a tall tale, or lie about the last poster, and to use your imagination. If you look at the 2006 version of this, you will get the idea of the game. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....light=tall+tail Things to remember: -This is just a game -All bets are off Look forward to the postings over the next year!
  4. http://www.daretotouchhtc.com/ Ok for one, I'm going to make this post simple.... Basically windows mobile, and the companies that manufacture phones for windows mobile OS, along with the companies that sell them (i.e verizon or something) Have had sales plumet to the ground apon the release of the iphone. Their comeback: The HTC Touch Now lets make this an obvious factor, windows mobile is a very slow and unstable os for any cellphone. Windows Mobile does a lot of neat stuff, and one day maybe a very good fast running os for a phone, but not now; and not in the past. Ive used windows
  5. Hey guys, after much debate I went and paid for .mac services. I can say... WOW! completely seamless with my macbooks. I'm very impressed with the email service as well But i can see why alot of people stray away from the .mac services because of the price. It's worth every penny... N e way, if you want a .mac email address i can add you for $10.00 a year, that's the base price of adding an email account, so no profit gain here... (PayPal, I guess. It's safe for you) I don't want any trouble. If your like me, I've been trying for years to get my hands on one. It's the ultimate add
  6. I really would like a .mac family membership but the price of 179.00 USD is kinda pricey... great services tho... So is there any one out there that wants to go in on the price of a yearly membership with me / us.... paypal accepted! I'm pretty much thinking about 5 of us... or so.... Save us the money, and give us the mac services... n e way.. just reply...
  7. Again I"m not pushing.... But when will the "Aqua-Soft.org" home page "NEWS" be updated... we are in 2007, and if there is a thread on this I still haven't seen it... and if I haven't seen it and there is one I'm sorry... But what's next...
  8. i took the plunge! Well as every one here knows, ive been beta testing the software since "longhorn"... i got a free copy! I have to say it's worth it.... on my 1mgzh and 512 system, it took 12 mins to install.. everything is about i can actually say this about "10" times faster then xp, depending on the version you choose.. i have home ultimate... things are easy... so much easier to find... i have no way to explain it to you... give it an upgrade to try for your self, and then make your own desisions.... but in my own opinion, yes... this is something you want to do... basic is nice.
  9. Heres some idea's that I'm toying with for the new condo! It's a work in progress! So im posting to get ideas, and projections from everyone here. PAINT COLORS http://hardascole.com/Documents/behr%20-%2...nt%20colors.bmp FOYER + HALLWAYS http://hardascole.com/Documents/foyer%20+%20hallway.bmp KITCHEN http://hardascole.com/Documents/kitchen.bmp LIVING ROOM http://hardascole.com/Documents/living%20room.bmp This is the start of it! Very Happy ---------NOTE---------- Chip has added stuff of his own recently to be added to the plan... he wants six pain doors, and hardwood floors installe
  10. Ever want people to have to call just one number, and it rings every one of your phones? (Cell, Home, Pager, Work, Exc). Well how about being able to at the same time pick it up from any ringing phone, saving your mobile mins, and as well as, being able to transfer calls from one phone to another; with out the caller ever knowing. Ever wanted a private number, that was changable at any time? Set ring tones to mp3s instead of hearing that old borring ring... How about personalizing a greeting by the caller whos calling... "Hi babie! I'll answer your call if I can"... or bla! Local number? Y
  11. Well, in-directly yes... I live in Minneapolis MN, and there were protestors out side of the cingular store back durring the At&t - Cingular merger... I have some love for cingular, it was my first cell phone carrier untill I left the USA for 6 months and asked them to supend billing to my service untill i returned, with no regerts they agreed to stop billing me for 6 months, only to return to $817.00 worth of cell bills from cingular, and no way out... I forgave them, and paid it... I later switched to At&t before the merger, and got a really great deal on service! then a few mo
  12. What cellphone service provider do you currently have... Nextel Sprint Verizon T-Mobile Cingular Centennial All-Tel Amp Boose Virgin Trac Other
  13. As consumers we have made choices, and switched, maybe even switched back to cell phone networks from time to time. Price, quality, and service, are all part of the decision making process. Cingular wireless has shut down most of it’s American call centers, and outsourced them to other countries, paying less pay, and providing less benefits. Not to forget cutting American jobs. If you have ever been one of those customers who need a service rep to talk to, and end up getting; some one you barely understand, or some one who can’t understand you, then you are among 83% who have submitted compl
  14. Simple known request... I have a t-mobile MDA, very nice peace of technology... It can have the customize abilities of becoming an iPhone mod...
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