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  1. As the title states, it has been a long time since I have been viewing or even browsing this site. From time to time I stop by just looking for a few updates on what's going on in the PC world of Mac emulation! I have actually been a member of this site since 2001, despite the user name changes.. (I guess you would call that an identity crisis.) From the time Aqua-soft released their mock apple apps, to the time apple shut down the mock aqua-soft apps. I even discovered the web archive that still had copies of the software aqua-soft released a long time ago still; years later, available after apple / mac told them to take it down. I have seen many developers pass by, and many talented ones driven out. The corruption of the staff, and the rescue of the members. Can't forget the never updated news pages, and main pages that rarely ever got updated. There has been allot of mean, friendly, unfriendly, knye, coo-yon, hopeful, and hopeless, news, advice, and information that has come out of it's users. But we all go thru stages. Who trust who, and what to get excited about. Ups and downs of not really knowing each and every person individually. I would like to think that the staff here did the best they could, based on long distant relationships that had already developed. I would like to make word for the talent that did get away because of staff, and members of this site. But I can't reference them all. I have noticed that not many chances were given out to those who mite have been trying, instead we handed out disbelief. The work done on this site, has always been good, but what has this site become now? In other matters, I finally upgraded completely to mac; back in 08-15-2007. I really sware to god (or who ever you trust in) threw out less then a year old (QTY-2) laptops, 1 desktop, and 1 main server (running windows 2003 server) and all the software, network equipment, webcams; pretty much all pc crap in general.(Wouldn't give that useless crap to my own worst enemy) PC just doesn't work, it isn't fast enough... Problem after problem, kept me up for hours fixing problems. Another words mac just works... We even took it a step further, and got rid of our 3 windows mobile cellphone devices. Switched to iphones. and since we all work for target corporation, this limited us for awhile, but now... not so much, web apps, and the newly BETA released corp development pac, has made iphone faster, and more compatible. (Target Corp; So far) Our old routers use to burn out / stop working as well after a year of use, costing close to 100 dollars a year, and this new AIRPORT-EXTREME is working on it's second year, at top peaked speed. Wireless backup... need I say more... All this crap cost allot of money, but the best part, it lasts.. and won't become out dated with in the next year, or even five years... We did end up keeping one new dell XPS, for minor use. It's running Vista, and is less then 3 months old.. Just in case some program or game that comes out, that won't work for MAC. (NOTE: this was stupid, mac can run vista/xp and osx) So we decided to keep it for guest. Impulse buy............ Making the switch has drawn me away from this community, because I didn't need the esthetic that was provided here... Mac just works... Most searchers can't afford a mac... I relate to that, well 2 years ago.. Finance one, craigslist.com one, just find one... start small... it's worth it... Mac-Mini, great start, works with all your current stuff, and gives you the full effect! (By the way, DEF get an iPhone! 4gig 8gig 16gig unlocked; locked what ever... It's worth it) Need help!?! message me... I can guild you to the rite places (wink wink) Also if you want a .mac account I can help you out there as well... I have a family plan and I am not using all of them.... bla bla bla I guess the end note on this is, sit back, understand you pay for what you get. We have learned our lesson close to every year since 1996. Pc slowly progresses, and seems to get slower as time goes on, and things get expensive. Mac remains the same and gets faster as time progresses (software wise) I hope to hear from all of you... Dustin Lee Council Please keep it clean, and if you need help fitting your self into a mac; you need / can afford, also please email me, we can see what I can help you with. Other wise at least a pc, that can emulate the effects of a mac / software... I missed you guys...
  2. so after how many months, and your are still telling me you are happy with windows vista... I use to love pc, even was a beta tester, and a MSDN member. After the final release of vista, we upgraded all 5 our of pcs/laptops to windows vista. after 3 months of running the OS, it slowed down to the speed of a 600mzh computer. We tried to fix the problem, but then the network started acting up for no reason. After dealing with it for 4 months, we threw out all of our PC crap including networking, and windows mobile cellphones, and got 2 mac books, 2 iphones, 1 apple server, and the networking equipment. This set us back, it was very expensive to make the move, but after we did it, all the way up to today, we are more then glad we made the switch. No problems, no spyware, nothing... don't even have to buy crapy software subscriptions to solve the problems windows has. So, before you say you have had no problem, or worries with windows in any shape for or matter, think about it. Think about all the times you had to mess around with settings and software just to make it work. (How much time you have wasted)
  3. I put one of these up last year! and well it was a hit. Make up an outrageous lie, tall tale, or vicious piece of gossip about the previous poster. Just for fun. So this year I figured starting it off early would be a great idea! The goal of this posting is to tell a tall tale, or lie about the last poster, and to use your imagination. If you look at the 2006 version of this, you will get the idea of the game. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....light=tall+tail Things to remember: -This is just a game -All bets are off Look forward to the postings over the next year!
  4. http://www.daretotouchhtc.com/ Ok for one, I'm going to make this post simple.... Basically windows mobile, and the companies that manufacture phones for windows mobile OS, along with the companies that sell them (i.e verizon or something) Have had sales plumet to the ground apon the release of the iphone. Their comeback: The HTC Touch Now lets make this an obvious factor, windows mobile is a very slow and unstable os for any cellphone. Windows Mobile does a lot of neat stuff, and one day maybe a very good fast running os for a phone, but not now; and not in the past. Ive used windows mobile devices for years before the iPhone came out, and it was great. But it locked up alot, and slowed down the more applications I opened. The new htc touch, hmmm... well it's running windows mobile, and then they added another program that must run all the time, called Touch, another word for big fancy stuck over windows blinds program. that's a pretty hefty call for ram and processing. I would also like to add a note about the lovely keyboard they have installed. Instead of a full keyboard, it's a duel digit, (another words having to hit the same key twice to get the letter you want) Sounds like a candy bar phone on crack. They have also applied the speaker to the back of the phone: most likely to be covered by some cute case, with sparkles and glitter all over it; or even the inside of your pocket. The interface design is some what simple, but then they added all kinda little stuff all over the place. This takes up valuable space on a finger touch screen. Oh wait they give you a stylus. (Note: Another thing to keep buying after you buy the phone! Oh how many times I have lost mine - Maybe they will offer them in colors for the cellphone accessories lover.) In short, this phone would have been freaking awesome if the iphone was never invented. I would have been waiting in line on the day of release hoping to get my hands on one. But the time of windows mobile devices has come to an end (For now anyway), and a new way more sophisticated design that has made life so much easier has came out shined. (Note: This post was created for notes on the usability, design, and stability, of the phone. Not what the phone can do, software wise, price wise, or network wise.)
  5. Hey guys, after much debate I went and paid for .mac services. I can say... WOW! completely seamless with my macbooks. I'm very impressed with the email service as well But i can see why alot of people stray away from the .mac services because of the price. It's worth every penny... N e way, if you want a .mac email address i can add you for $10.00 a year, that's the base price of adding an email account, so no profit gain here... (PayPal, I guess. It's safe for you) I don't want any trouble. If your like me, I've been trying for years to get my hands on one. It's the ultimate additive to the mac on windows look. Just sets that mac presence. N e way, let me know... Update: 11-6-07 I've already setup 6 accounts, out of the 10 I'm able to have... I have 4 left.
  6. I really would like a .mac family membership but the price of 179.00 USD is kinda pricey... great services tho... So is there any one out there that wants to go in on the price of a yearly membership with me / us.... paypal accepted! I'm pretty much thinking about 5 of us... or so.... Save us the money, and give us the mac services... n e way.. just reply...
  7. Again I"m not pushing.... But when will the "Aqua-Soft.org" home page "NEWS" be updated... we are in 2007, and if there is a thread on this I still haven't seen it... and if I haven't seen it and there is one I'm sorry... But what's next...
  8. i took the plunge! Well as every one here knows, ive been beta testing the software since "longhorn"... i got a free copy! I have to say it's worth it.... on my 1mgzh and 512 system, it took 12 mins to install.. everything is about i can actually say this about "10" times faster then xp, depending on the version you choose.. i have home ultimate... things are easy... so much easier to find... i have no way to explain it to you... give it an upgrade to try for your self, and then make your own desisions.... but in my own opinion, yes... this is something you want to do... basic is nice... Tell us your own expirence....
  9. Heres some idea's that I'm toying with for the new condo! It's a work in progress! So im posting to get ideas, and projections from everyone here. PAINT COLORS http://hardascole.com/Documents/behr%20-%2...nt%20colors.bmp FOYER + HALLWAYS http://hardascole.com/Documents/foyer%20+%20hallway.bmp KITCHEN http://hardascole.com/Documents/kitchen.bmp LIVING ROOM http://hardascole.com/Documents/living%20room.bmp This is the start of it! Very Happy ---------NOTE---------- Chip has added stuff of his own recently to be added to the plan... he wants six pain doors, and hardwood floors installed... so those are two things that will be added... the hardwood floors will only in the, kitchen, living room, foyer, and hallway... We'll also be posting some pictures of the curent condishions of the place soon...
  10. Ever want people to have to call just one number, and it rings every one of your phones? (Cell, Home, Pager, Work, Exc). Well how about being able to at the same time pick it up from any ringing phone, saving your mobile mins, and as well as, being able to transfer calls from one phone to another; with out the caller ever knowing. Ever wanted a private number, that was changable at any time? Set ring tones to mp3s instead of hearing that old borring ring... How about personalizing a greeting by the caller whos calling... "Hi babie! I'll answer your call if I can"... or bla! Local number? Yep!!!! Now it's all possible and some with http://www.grandcentral.com Guess what the price is? FREE!
  11. Well, in-directly yes... I live in Minneapolis MN, and there were protestors out side of the cingular store back durring the At&t - Cingular merger... I have some love for cingular, it was my first cell phone carrier untill I left the USA for 6 months and asked them to supend billing to my service untill i returned, with no regerts they agreed to stop billing me for 6 months, only to return to $817.00 worth of cell bills from cingular, and no way out... I forgave them, and paid it... I later switched to At&t before the merger, and got a really great deal on service! then a few months later the merger... So now, upgraded my phone jan 2006, to a nokia.... phone sucked my fault... So I switched to t-mobile in march 2006, and accepted the 250.00 i owed cingular, instead of sending me a bill they send my account to a collection agency, who messed with my credit a little, and after calling the company several times durring the 2 weeks after i dissconnected my service to figure out what's going on, i never got a str8 answer... I was just glad to be done with them... Not that I wouldn't go back for an iPhone!!!!! I would in a snap... but I think it's unfair to those who have other carriers, and found comfort in them... Apple is a CORP selling much more then just cell phones, they shouldn't have to brand with any network, but leave it open at their set price, and disscount limits... we all know what we are getting when we buy apple inc products... Other then that long story, I made this poll to give everyone a basic feel for whats out there, and give everyone the opertunity to voice their network, opinions, and expirences! So we can all learn something! Lets not be too critical here, point out the ups and downs of your expirence!!!!
  12. What cellphone service provider do you currently have... Nextel Sprint Verizon T-Mobile Cingular Centennial All-Tel Amp Boose Virgin Trac Other
  13. As consumers we have made choices, and switched, maybe even switched back to cell phone networks from time to time. Price, quality, and service, are all part of the decision making process. Cingular wireless has shut down most of it’s American call centers, and outsourced them to other countries, paying less pay, and providing less benefits. Not to forget cutting American jobs. If you have ever been one of those customers who need a service rep to talk to, and end up getting; some one you barely understand, or some one who can’t understand you, then you are among 83% who have submitted complaints to the corporation “Cingular”. You also mite be a victom of the “AT&T” “Cingular” merger, Prior to acquiring AT&T, Cingular Wireless company was the 2nd biggest provider of cellular communication services in America as measured by the number of paid customers. Cingular had over twenty four million consumers as of December 30, 2003, and reported over fifteen billion dollars revenue for the fiscal year 2003. Before the merger of ATT and Cingular Wireless, Cingular promised that the AT&T Wireless customers would "continue to utilize the benefits of their existing equipment, phones, rate plans and features, without any service interruptions" and "it is only going to get better as we go forward!" Cingular's head sales & marketing executive said, 'The most tangible example of how Cingular wireless company is 'Raising the Bars' is the newly constructed and combined cellular network -- the biggest digital voice and data network in the United States of America." After the merger took place, Cingular created a deliberate scheme to take apart the AT&T Wireless network and infrastructure in order to reduce the quality of the service provided to AT&T Wireless customers and force them to switch over to the Cingular Mobile network. Cingular Company basically stopped servicing & maintaining the AT&T Wireless network facilities and cell phone towers, as was noted in trade publications, television, and talk show radio. AT&T Wireless customers have continued to complain of numerous dropped calls, and poor or no reception in many areas of the country. Unhappy AT&T Cellular consumers were given the option to "make an upgrade" to Cingular wireless Services by (1) paying an eighteen dollar "transfer fee" or " contract upgrade fee" paid to Cingular, (2) buying new cell phones from the Cingular vendor, (3) start brand-new service contracts with Cingular Wireless that are usually a worse price or less free minutes compared to the customer's existing contract with AT&T Wireless, and (4) charging the consumer an additional eighteen dollar fee for the new SIM chip that is required to make the new cell phones work. The old AT&T customer who do not want to purchase an "upgrade" offer are left holding the bag- given the choice of finishing their old contract with AT&T and have to live with the degraded or non-existent cell phone services, or by paying an early-termination contract fee of $175.00 to cancel the service before the end of the twelve or twenty-four month contract. Now Apple Inc. has and is considering siding with a contract with “Cingular”, branding the phone a “Cingular” exclusive. While most customers, who have put up with the nightmare issues of “Cingular”, and have switched to a new network, providing, the services, and cost effective plans we desire in 2007, vs Cingular’s “Barely changed rate plans since 2002” are stuck in the dark. This revolutionary technology; that will change the way we interact with, cell phones, portable music, and daily organizers, forever. The phone has not been cleared by the FCC yet, and the “Cingular” contract has not been signed. Now’s our chance to voice out to Apple Inc, to open a GSM version of their phone (Unbranded), or to deny exclusive contracting to one service providing company. Start here! Make a difference and free mac from boundaries, as we all know it has none. http://www.apple.com/contact/ MAILING ADDRESS Apple 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, Ca 95014 CUSTOMER PHONE 408-996-1010 Apple will receive email, and a pony express mail from me twice a day every day or other day.
  14. Simple known request... I have a t-mobile MDA, very nice peace of technology... It can have the customize abilities of becoming an iPhone mod...
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