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  1. Can someone upload it please?
  2. Could someone send me or point out any link to a set of os-x white tray icons? I'm moving my taskbar to black and need these white icons. Thank you!
  3. I'm trying to change the height position of the running indicator in object dock ... I have a mac port example and a wrong example of what I got till now in objectdock ... Anybody know if it is possible to change the vertical position of the indicator on objectdock?
  4. Thank you skdj... but I found the problem ... I uninstalled Eye Candy Impact Plugin and everything works normally now.
  5. Has anyone ever had this kind of problem with Photoshop CS4? I don't know how to fix this ... and I did not find anything on google about.
  6. I don't know about the games... but this affects the photoshop cs4, (not cs3), it leaves traces on the cs4 screen.
  7. Reenan, I could share it but I am not sure if I still have the psd file... I have to look at my dvds that I use to save this type of stuff... when I have time I will try to find or maybe start again from scratch and then provide the psd. Or if you want, you can try to recreate it.
  8. Yes... Kaspersky, Spyware Terminator, and Comodo all of them updated... I think it's a Firefox problem... I remember that Opera reached the maximum of 80Mb with the same procedure described.
  9. Well, I have 30 extensions installed ... cache of 100MB memory ... what I forgot to mention is that the screenshot was taken with only one tab open, but before I had several tabs open, then after I closed all and left only one open ... my intention was to say that even after closing the other tabs Firefox does not return to the system the memory used... even the old "trick" "minimize and then maximize" does not work to free the memory used...
  10. Firefox 3.5... running an hour and a half... only one tab open ... the picture says it all, even says that perhaps I should try Opera or anything else than IE...
  11. Man, I confess to you ... I am jealous!!!!!! Hehehe! In a good way, of course !!!! Very good! I will try these settings and these programs to see what I can get... really, it is very nice and I agree with you about Windows Explorer X Finder Clones. Congratulations, for your "setup" and folders, very nice, once again!!!
  12. Ghostwalker, What screenshot is this? From Matonga Finger XP?
  13. DockFun! is really nice... but, Sticky Windows... wow!!! I saw something similar to Sticky Windows for PC, but not with all those features! Amazing!!!
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