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  1. Hey I use your theme since long time. But can it be that there is a bug making the Nokia Tune your ringtone no matter of what you have set it to? I got used to it, but its suboptimal, i would like my own sound set... TC
  2. its a wrong color setting (background & foreground both wthite), i noticed it, but can't locate it... -.-
  3. no, its a SE theme i havent any information if Nokia has Themes - but if yes maybe someone creates one....
  4. despite my moderate Russian reading skills, i made to register there... heres the theme! iphone.www.smartse.ru.rar.txt
  5. hehe, everyone is hit by the iPhone-fever ... even my russian folks And this crappy CID51 still halts the development of the Custom Menu
  6. i want to announce that V2 of my Theme is nearly finished, but the Firmware-Mod-Pack will delay SEUS flashed CID to 51 with the R1GB001 Update so i have to wait for a new working loader...
  7. @ Generix. Yes, now when you said it, i now noticed this strane single pixel... I dunno why its there, its whether in the Theme nor in the used png :-/ @ shockme: I dont understand Apple... They should be happy that we love their Design so much that we try to make all our devices looking like that instead of usind the concurrency-made-default
  8. we will port it to the other popular models... but this will take time
  9. yeah, you rock! we could make a iChat-like bubble for the SMS input - i think this would really look great and i will make the Firmware-Transformpack next week (for our PhoneXS'ers ^^ )
  10. aah, good, i just looked at your screenshot but not opened the themepack (deviantart lags for me ) did you looked in the thm i uploaded? i found a circle for menu-icon-hiliting better cuz it surrounds them and the iphone makes such a circle when selecting very good for the first final of this theme - but - i believe we could make it even more better =)
  11. Hmm well... thats the point - decide between better style or closer to the original So in the real thing the translucent bar on top is black not grey And it really has this white iPod menu everywhere with blue highliter But nevertheless, very good work! Hoped to publish the first one, but just hadnt the time to rush it... What about 2 different versions, with and without "iPod" Menu Style?
  12. mikil, i modified your file a bit, and used the base of the iPod Theme and some my ideas - hope you like it made it more near to the real thing, for example the blue iPod Style Menu, but we still need more details so a iChat-Bubble for the Message Typing Window would rock! And black-translucent Popup Menus iPhone 0.5.thm.txt
  13. but note thats in a early state, so things can/will change completely mike, how about making the thm together? your version is nearly perfect, just some details missing
  14. very nice! good Idea to use the "home button" bar for the side Keys but you should make the menu's more iPod Style (blue highlite) and add a translucent bar on top
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