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  1. What about these? http://search.deviantart.com/?qh=in%3A...time&q=medieval Gabriel
  2. I really can't help you, but i would advise you to search for help in the miranda forum and to explain exactly which error messages you are getting.
  3. Lots of realistic icons (and NSFW stuff): http://amirajuli.deviantart.com/gallery/ Edited: And some more: http://hellcrawler.deviantart.com/gallery/?&offset=24 http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/395865...ock+sort%3Atime http://mugenb16.deviantart.com/gallery/ Gabriel
  4. I've already found some at DA, but I'm not really crazy about them. So if you have any... Thanks!
  5. http://search.deviantart.com/?qh=in%3Acust...3Atime&q=office http://search.deviantart.com/?qh=in%3Acust...t%3Atime&q=mail http://search.deviantart.com/?qh=in%3Acust...%3Atime&q=stamp http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/380096...ock+sort%3Atime
  6. the photoshop one: and a similar one, but I guess someone will get the exact icon:
  7. Ah, but i have no timer. I have: <xmls> <xml src="%SiteAddress%" interval="%RefreshDelay%" usewintmp="yes" ongetdata="UpdateMails();"/> </xmls> .... <param name="RefreshDelay" default="2" save="yes" onupdate=""/> ..... var RefreshParam = this.parameters('RefreshDelay'); var RefreshVal = this.controls('RefreshDelay'); RefreshParam.Value = parseInt(RefreshVal.Value); Do I have to use a timer to change the interval attribute?
  8. Sorry, but i don't understand how to call the ResetTimer. Could you give an example? (I did look in the SDK, but i didn't get it from those examples)
  9. Ok, i get it now. But what about refresh intervals? Is this OK? <xmls> <xml src="%SiteAddress%" interval="%RefreshDelay%" usewintmp="yes" ongetdata="UpdateMails();"/> </xmls> .... var RefreshParam = this.parameters('RefreshDelay'); var RefreshVal = this.controls('RefreshDelay'); RefreshParam.Value = parseInt(RefreshVal.Value);
  10. Check this: http://avedesk.philc.ca/modules/PDdownload...hp?cid=8&lid=42 Gabriel
  11. I understand. Thanks you very much!! But one question: why does this work? function ApplySettings(){ var StampParam = this.parameters('StampImage'); var StampImage = this.controls('StampImage'); StampParam.Value = StampImage.Value; this.FlipTo(0); this.ReDraw(true); } ... <layer name="FrontBG" x="59" y="41" width="128" height="128" src="%StampImage%.png" fontalign="LT" mousecursor="crSizeAll"/>
  12. I'm using sth like: function ApplyAdvSettings(){ this.parameters('FlipX').Value = parseInt(this.controls('FlipX').Value); this.FlipTo(0); this.ReDraw(true); } and i have <layer name="FrontFlip" x="%FlipX%" y="%FlipY%" width="13" height="13" src="flipit.png" onclick="!FLIP:1" mousecursor="crDefault" alpha="0" fontalign="LT" fullhittest="yes"/> } But it does not seem to work... I tried without the parseInt , but does not work either...
  13. Is it possible to change the x and y position of a layer through controls and parameters? Because I can't do it. I do modify things like images, but i'm unable to change the positions... I can post the code if you need to see it...
  14. I'd like to do one, but this desklet just checks an atom feed, that contains some info about your new mails. I don't know if there's a hotmail equivalent... If anyone does, please tell me. And thanks, i'm glad you like it. EDITED: While trying to extend the functionality of this desklet, i've found a few bugs. I'll be updating it as soon as I finish this improvements (i guess a couple of days, or maybe the weekend).
  15. This is my first release in anything to do with programming. So it's pretty simple. If you have any correction or request please tell me. Download here From the Readme.txt: To install: Just unzip to your avescripter folder. IMPORTANT: you need Avescripter 1.0.7 to use this!! How to use: If you hover over the lower right corner of the stamp (provide you are using one of the images that come with the desklet), you'll see the flip button. Just press it and fill in the backside fields: Username and Password (required), and if you want, change the delay between refreshes
  16. The link seems to be working ok, i downloaded this yesterday while i was posting the massage. Check the zip file you got, there should be a file called skyline2006.icl inside, that file has the icons. It's an icon library file, that is, a file with a bunch of icons inside. Edited: Check this:
  17. Just download the file, change the extension to zip, and there's a .icl file inside. Don't know if that´s legal, thou. Gabriel Edited: They are here, don't know if more complete, but at least with bigger sizes: http://www.guichamps.com/skins2006.asp?skinid=9 I got it after just 2 minutes of googling...
  18. Nice update! But is there documentation for this changes? Because i'm using the Avescripter SDK, but i don't know how outdated it is. Thanks!! EDIT: never mind, i've just checked the new update of the SDK. Thanks!!
  19. Now it's working OK!! thanks a lot! Do you hava any idea why the other way didn't work? I mean, this format https://mail.google.com/mail/feed/atom?user...word=%Password% does work in a browser. I have another question. I have to enter the password ina textfield in this desklet. Is there a way to make the password to show like ******** in this textfield? EDITED: and sth else: about rotating a layer at runtime... is sth like this what i have to do? CreateSetup() ....... function CreateSetup(){ desklet.layer.item('NameOfLayer').rotation = 100; } _________________________________________
  20. I'm really sorry for bumping, but do you have any idea what is wrong with this? what's the problem with this parameter? I'm stuck at this, and i would really like to finish his desklet and of course release it. Thanks!!
  21. See here: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread....ghlight=miranda And to learn about Miranda: http://help.miranda-im.org/Main_Page I hope it helps! Gabriel
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